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By Faye Bradley | October 29th, 2021

What’s it called? FRENCH83

What’s it all about? There are plenty of hair salons across Hong Kong, but what happens when you merge the concept with a series of lifestyle collaborations? Born in New Zealand, FRENCH83 opened its HK branch only two years ago set within prime Central district (you can see it as you go up the Soho escalators). First and foremost, it’s a hair salon. But what’s interesting is that this brand actually started as a fashion brand.

Now, it continues to sell fashion garments (particularly suits) as well as an abundance of exclusive sustainable lifestyle products, from NO UGLY health drinks to organic candles. The founders have the vision to offer an all-in-one immersive wellness experience for all its guests. It’s soon expanding as a two-floor establishment which will include a lounge area. Plus, they specialize in fresh coffee and tea, for a part-café vibe. What better way to spend your day getting your new do?

Where is it? 1st Floor, 18 Cochrane Street, Central.

Photo: NO UGLY at FRENCH83

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