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By The Loop HK Staff | July 21st, 2020

What’s it called? CAYU Coffee Company

What’s it all about? This home-grown coffee brand has been created with a BAUHAUS design concept to bring a playful, artsy, minimalist at-home coffee experience. The recently-launched brand features a series of exclusive drop-bag coffees created, ground, and packaged right here in Hong Kong. Right now, CAYU Coffee Company includes the Mood Series, featuring flavors like “Feeling Blue,” “On Cloud Nine,” and “Pumped Up”; The Sweets, which, as the name suggests, has dessert-type flavors like “Birthday Cake” and “Crème Brûlée”; and the hero series The Whisky, where the coffee beans have been aged in Scottish whisky barrels.

Where is it? Online on Facebook and Instagram.

From our Spotlight series.