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By Karen Chiang | December 28th, 2018

What is it: If you’re looking for something new to add to your workout routine, definitely hit up Bouncelimit. To the uninitiated, it may just look like a trampoline park for lonely hearts, but it is actually a great way to work up a sweat while training to catchy tunes. The workout is based on rebounding, a technique that requires you to jump down instead of bounce up, and classes are combined with different disciplines like Pilates, Tabata, TRX, and even yin yoga.

The trampoline, or rebounder as the instructors call it, absorbs most of the pressure, making the workouts low impact but high intensity, and a great option for those of you recovering from injuries.

For the first-timers: Definitely make sure you do the beginners class if it’s your first time rebounding. It helps you get comfortable with the various drills you will encounter in the different classes.

For the gym rabbits: CombatBounce is high on the list in terms of intensity, where you strap weights to your wrists and go through cardio and boxing drills. If you like interval training, TabataBounce is the one to sign up for.

Great for: people who hate cardio but need it, people who love to dance but think they can’t, people who enjoy the trampoline.

P.S. Remember to bring your own socks with grip – or buy them at the studio. You won’t be allowed to do a class without them!

13/F, The Pemberton, 22-26 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, 2441-0021