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By Yannie Chan | December 8th, 2020

What’s it called? ABC Cake House

What’s it all about? It’s that time where we all crave some sweet, baked goods to celebrate the end of a year. Other than Western cakes and pies, why not also indulge in some traditional Hong Kong sweet treats? ABC Cake House has over 50 years of history and has its roots as a Russian fine-dining restaurant in the 50s, with the upper floor being the restaurant and the ground floor as a bakery. The shelves are full of traditional baked goods that you can’t find in other bakeries, such as the walnut biscuits (核桃酥), deep-fried Hong Kong-style doughnuts (沙翁), and old-style orange wafer (傳統威化橙餅). Now operated by the third-generation owner, the bakery also puts out baked goods with a more modern take, such as swiss rolls with sweet potatoes and chestnut buns. Remember: their products run out fast so get there early!

Where is it? G/F, 255 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai, 2544 0301

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