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30 Under 30
By Andrea Lo | December 2nd, 2017

The Loop HK 30 Under 30 2017

Founder and director, Sky Dance Avenue Hong Kong; managing director, Playtent Learning Center

Sky Bautista began a career in dance in her hometown Manila, where she joined and performed with various companies. She led dance groups while at school, becoming team captain in her university’s dance group — while also participating in cheerleading competitions around Southeast Asia.

While working in her first job, she found herself juggling three different professions. A kindergarten teacher by day, she was also a cheerleading coach while also working as a dancer for TV shows and concerts featuring local celebrities.

“I have come to realize that you will always need to start somewhere.”

In 2012, her career took her to Hong Kong, where she became a professional parade dancer at Disneyland. Eventually, in 2015, she founded Sky Dance Avenue, a dance arts program for children and teenagers. The program hones the creativity of individuals through different dance genres and skill-oriented approach classes, she explains. Over the years, it has expanded from private classes to collaborating with different organizations to cater to growing interest in the dance community.

For Bautista, her students are her biggest inspiration — not to mention motivators.

“Our students are more than an inspiration and would always push me to share my knowledge for this craft,” she says. “They are my constant reminder to always value patience, perseverance and commitment in this profession.”

“Looking at my journey here in Hong Kong, I have come to realize that you will always need to start somewhere. Those struggles and triumphs made my journey meaningful.”

Her first job? Kindergarten teacher at a child study center in Manila.