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By Joanna Lam | March 21st, 2017

Humid climate can be a tricky situation for sensitive skin. Stay just the right amount of hydrated with these all-purpose Hong Kong skincare products and tips that we sourced from dermatologist Carmen Lam, Aveda senior beauty therapist Natalie Lau and makeup artist Kalam Chu.

Go natural

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It’s easy for us to forget that some of the most effective skincare solutions often come from Mother Nature. “Try using 100 percent natural rose water as a toner, as it balances out the PH of our skin without making it too dry or oily,”  says Chu. “If you have sensitive and irritated skin, try drinking lemon juice or water daily. Lemon is rich in Vitamin C, which helps to fight against any radical damage.”

Try This: Hong Kong brand We Are No Expert’s Sosar facial toner, mask and soap collection. We Are No Expert sources ingredients from organic farmers around the world, and keeps products as simple and easy-to-use as possible.

Take the sun seriously

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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: apply SPF 365 days of the year. “No matter how the weather is, the sun can still cause damage to our skin, as ultraviolet light can pass through clouds. Choose a broad-spectrum sunblock with SPF of at least 30 and use it all year round,” advises Dr. Lam.

Develop a proper shower ritual 

Handmade with love. Photo: Swedish Handmade
Handmade with love. Photo: Swedish Handmade

“Avoid shower creams that contain harsh ingredients like sodium lauryl sulphate (synthetic soap), which can irritate your skin. Keep showers short and rinse your body with water in mild temperature. Apply moisturizer immediately after showering to lock in moisture,” advises Dr. Lam.

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Enter Swedish’s Handmade’s lemongrass shower gel ($198). Made from coconut, olive and grapeseed oil, the shower gel will keep your skin soft and hydrated. Freshly handmade with no preservatives or any chemicals, this homegrown brand is the brainchild of Rebecka, a Swede who’s an advocate for natural ingredients.

Give your feet some love

With our feet constantly bundled up in thick socks and boots (especially during the winter months), chances are that dead and dry skin would start to accumulate. “Apply exfoliator on your feet, followed by foot cream,” advises Lau.

Try This: Native Essentials’ detox body scrub, made from grapefruit and cypress oil ($390). This made-in-Bangkok-packaged-in-Hong-Kong brand carries a range of botanical skincare and haircare products as well as deodorants.

Greasy skin can mean dehydrated skin — so keep moisturizing 

Quality natural skincare goods galore. Photo: Skin Vitals
Quality natural skincare products galore. Photo: Skin Vitals

“It’s common for us to change to a lighter moisturizer in the spring, as soon as the humidity hits us,” says Chu. “But if your moisturizer isn’t rich enough to keep your skin hydrated, excessive grease will then be produced from our skin, resulting in breakouts and clogged pores over time.” The bottom line is: always observe your skin condition before changing to different products.

Try This: For a weightless and invigorating face cream, Skin Vital’s purifying gel would be a good pick. Its refreshing blend of organic aloe vera and Korean ginseng extracts keeps your skin nourished and calm. Formulated in Hong Kong and manufactured in the States, Skin Vitals’ formulas aim to nourish, revive and energize the skin using aroma oils and organic plant extracts.

Use the right moisturizer

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“People with combination skin should opt for a face cream that has been tested non-comedogenic, meaning that it won’t block your pores.” “Swap out oil-based serum for water-based types that boost up hydration and don’t offer excessive grease,” suggests Lau.

Be gentle to your skin

Bathe to Basics
Bathe to Basics

For those who often experience irritated and reactive skin, “Opt for cleansers that contain ingredients such as chamomile or cucumber,” says Lau. “Swap out rich and hydrating cleansing cream for a gentle cleansing gel that helps to cleanse our skin thoroughly, without taking away all the natural grease produced by our skin,” adds Chu.

Try This: Bathe To Basics’ basic face wash ($138) for a natural and hydrating face-cleansing experience. Handmade with 100 percent extra-virgin olive oil, this product is a glycerin-rich solution that is suitable for sensitive skins. Launched in 2011, all of the products are produced in Hong Kong using natural ingredients and traditional techniques.