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By Lulu Jeh | September 17th, 2019

Dear Lulu Jeh: I recently visited an old flame of mine, who lives abroad. We were together many years ago, but hanging out with them has reignited old feelings. I am looking for a change of scenery and I wonder if it’s a good idea for me to move closer to them. Will this help us get back together? — Living With Nostalgia

Dear LWN, I think you need to have a reality check! Has your old flame said with certainty that they would like to be in a relationship with you again, or asked you to consider moving abroad?

I’m worried because I can’t tell from this letter when they’ve even indicated interest. It is absolutely not a good idea to move somewhere purely with the goal of being closer to someone you’re romantically interested in, when you’re not even together in the first place.

As a singleton (because that’s what you are, right? Not in a relationship with your old flame), you should only move abroad for yourself. And think about it: Hong Kong is such an awesome city. Are you sure you’re ready to leave it all behind for something so uncertain? 

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