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By Michelle Chan | September 11th, 2023

On September 10, Shenzhen exceeds 10 million in passenger traffic since reopening its borders earlier this year on February 6.

Statistics show that among the 10 million visitors going to and from Shenzhen, around 63% of them were citizens of Hong Kong and Macau, while around 35% were mainland citizens. The number of passenger traffic also steadily grew with a 14% increase every month.

During the summer holiday (from July to mid-August), approximately 7.2 million Hongkongers entered Shenzhen and surrounding mainland cities, while the number was only 5.3 million the other way around. On social media, Shenzhen netizens report an influx of “Hongkonger sightings” at local hot spots and souvenir shops.

The statistics are quite the contrary of Hong Kong businessowners’ expectations before the borders re-opened: in February, it was anticipated that mainlanders would flock to the city like past years, boosting economy and the property market.

Let’s see what changes will the reversed roles of Hong Kong and Shenzhen bring to the Greater Bay Area.

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