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By Yannie Chan | June 16th, 2020

While most physical film festivals have been canceled this year, UN Refugee Agency’s 13th Charity Refugee Film Festival is going ahead online from June 13 to June 21, bringing Hong Kong viewers three award-winning international films about the reality of life as refugees.

Midnight Traveler (2019) documents Afghan director Hassan Fazili and his family’s journey fleeing the country after he is targeted by the Taliban. The film is shot entirely on mobile phones over the course of four years. While it resembles a real-life thriller at times, the film is more a heartfelt portrait of a family’s joy and pain. The film has won prizes at major film festivals such as Berlin and Sundance.

69 Minutes of 86 Days (2017), also a prize-winning documentary, focuses on a three-year-old Syrian girl making her way to Sweden, who never loses her optimism throughout the difficult journey. The third film, Day One (2018), follows a group of teenage refugees in the U.S. as they go through a program of healing and trauma intervention and experience layers of grief and loss.

69 Minutes of 86 Days (2017) documents a 3-year-old Syrian girl’s dangerous journey to Sweden.

With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the festival is going online and pledges to raise funds for refugees displaced by war and persecution, as well as those facing increasingly difficult circumstances due to the coronavirus pandemic. The donations will go to providing clean water for refugees.

Donate $80 and receive a digital admission ticket, which you can then use to log on to its dedicated streaming platform and play the movies anywhere and anytime.

June 13 to June 21,