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By Faye Bradley | December 28th, 2021

It seems like this year has gone by in a flash! We’re already nearing 2022 and can barely believe that Christmas has flown over us too. We couldn’t be more excited for the new year and we’re positive you are too – meaning it’s time to set out those annual goals. But rather than setting out ridiculously unachievable expectations, we’ve rounded up some realistic ideas for your to-do list. Here’s some ways to spring into 2022:

Find a new hike in Hong Kong

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If you’ve tired your regular routes, why not find a brand new hike that you’ve never tried before? There are dozens on dozens to choose from, some which are lesser known than others. Venture out to find some of the hidden spots – we’re talking about waterfalls and sky-high walks. Secret trails worth trying include Ma Dai Stream in Ma On Shan Country Park and Lamma’s Mount Stenhouse, to name a few. You could even write up a bucket list to get the year going.

Read more books

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We’re all guilty of it. Sometimes, scrolling takes over reading but as avid book enthusiasts, we never let smartphones take over. Go to your nearest bookstore or online supplier to find your genre and get reading. No matter how long it takes – be it one book per month or more – you’ll feel like you’ve made a mini achievement after every read. Need inspiration? Check out our recommended winter reads.

Start a journal

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It’s been a heck of year and you’ve probably felt at some point the stresses of COVID and its impacts. Vent out any pent-up anger or frustration into a journal. Some things are best released in the form of words. You’ll also be able to document your journey throughout 2022 and reflect back on the years to come.

Take a break from social media

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It’s probably easier said than done but taking a break from social media can really help ease the mind in the long run. We’re not saying delete everything you have but finding balance is key here. Try cutting down on your usage of some platforms and live in the moment – scrolling can be left for the boring work commutes.

Set a workout routine

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This one makes it on most new year’s resolutions and rightly so. If you’ve already signed up to a gym, that’s great. If not, it’s never too late to do so. If gyms aren’t your thing, you can also set a different type of workout goal. For example, joining a sports team, running outdoors or swimming more.

Eat healthier

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Another popular option, eating healthy is an integral part of wellbeing. But with so many dining options and food delivery apps, it’s easy to forget that home cooking can taste just as good – even if it’s more time consuming. Get a new cookbook and learn some healthy, simple recipes to kickstart your new regime. It doesn’t mean go on a strict diet, but just finding a nutritious meal that you can enjoy everyday. Weekends, we’re saving free-flow brunch for you though.

Spend more time with family

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If it’s one thing we’ve learned from COVID, spending time with family is so critical. Those who have family within Hong Kong are lucky and can spend more time together. For those with family abroad, we are thankful for online calls and video software to assist staying in touch whenever possible.

Visit the city’s new cultural monuments

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There are so many new places to explore in the city! This year, be sure to check out M+ Museum, the revamped museums and keep your eyes peeled for new things to see and do throughout 2022 and beyond.