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By The Loop HK Staff | August 14th, 2020

Travel’s come to a standstill thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, but there are certain exceptions. Whether it’s stranded travelers trying to get home or trips being made for emergencies and essential functions, there are still people needing to travel. But, if residents are trying to come back to Hong Kong, they’re still required to undergo a 14-day quarantine. Luckily, Ovolo Hotels has created an exclusive offer to make that two-week isolation period a breeze.

Available at both Ovolo Southside and Ovolo Central, the Quarantine Concierge service is designed to support guests during their isolation – and perhaps even enjoy it! So how does it work? The Quarantine Concierge is there to attend to whatever you might need during your quarantine, whether that’s finding your favorite snacks or getting you the right equipment so you can keep up with your workouts.

Stay entertained with access to Alexa and Apple TV in your room; keep fit with your choice of workout gear, from yoga mats to dumbells; pass the time with a Mindfulness Kit that includes playing cards, adult coloring books, and brain teasers; or perhaps just indulge in some forest bathing by having some potted plants setup in your room!

There’s a little something to look forward to everyday, too. You’ll receive a daily “loot bag” full of goodies and snacks, and each evening, a sundowner cocktail will be delivered to your door so you can toast to getting through one more day of quarantine.

And don’t think you’ll be subjected to lackluster food while you’re here, either. Guests are treated to daily complimentary in-room breakfasts and get $1,000 to spend at the Ovolo Hotels restaurants, Veda, Kommune, and Te Quiero Mucho. Though if you are craving something else, you can simply ask the Quarantine Concierge to pick it up during the Daily Essential Run – they’ll grab all your favorite foods (they can even pick up books or whatever else you might want!).

At the end of your stay, you’ll also get a bottle of Cava on your last day so you can celebrate the end of quarantine in style.

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