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By Shimron Singh | August 29th, 2023

Remember those carefree flip phone days of yore? In simpler times before smartphones, making a call meant literally flipping out your mangy old phone and abruptly slapping it shut upon connecting. Well OPPO seems bent on revisiting that rose-tinted retro era with their fresh flip phone, the Find N3 Flip. We’ll be dusting off our 2002 Moschino jeans in anticipation!

Gone are the days of chunky hinges and creaky flaps. This stunner rocks a razor-thin profile with an aerospace-grade titanium alloy body that screams luxury. Available in chic shades like Glazed Green and Ceramic White, you’ll be the one stealing envious looks.

That outside screen just got way more useful, too. OPPO’s boosted it with improved specs like a smoother 90Hz refresh for slicker scrolling. No more squinting—check notifications or snap a shot without even opening her up. Then you flip that bad boy open to reveal the true star—a 6.8″ AMOLED wonder packed with power. But it’s what’s inside that counts, right? Well, say hello to flagship-level specs across the board and Hasselblad cameras guaranteed to turn your food pics into art.

All that juicy tech would be nothing without stellar stamina to back it up. Good news: OPPO’s 4,450mAh battery claims over a day of juice on a charge. Phew, no more anxiety-inducing percentage checks for you!

So maybe it’s time to resurrect that carefree flip phone spirit of yesteryear, minus the financial constraints.

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Featured Image By OPPO