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By Karen Chiang | September 2nd, 2018

After meatless eggs and burgers, Hong Kong is finally getting a taste of meatless pork. Called Omnipork, the meat comes in the delicious form of Shanghainese fried soup dumplings.

The world’s first faux pork is made from non-GMO soybeans, peas, mushrooms and rice. Developed by Right Treat in North America, Omnipork is a venture by Hong Kong’s own Green Monday. Designed to surpass real pork, the mock meat is said to have no cholesterol, 71% fewer saturated fats and 62% fewer calories than real pork.

Local restaurant King of Sheng Jian will be the city’s first purveyor of Omnipork with a meatless version of their signature fried soup dumpling.. Currently available on weekends only, the vegetarian rendition has skin made with spinach purée for a green tint, and delivers a flavorful soup of agar agar and mushrooms.

The Omnipork fried soup dumplings are available at King of Sheng Jian stores on weekends from now until September 10 for $20.


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