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By Leanne Mirandilla | September 5th, 2018

If you’re into the local DJ scene, Ocean Lam will be an easily recognizable name. As well as spinning at Clockenflap and at various clubs around town, Lam runs a podcast called Hypnotic, and manages DJ bookings and music direction at music venue Social Room.

A Little Background

Ocean Lam has always been interested in music, but was first drawn to DJing after going to her first rave and realizing that dancing to the music was intoxicating. After that first party, she started listening to more electronic music and decided to start learning how to mix.

5 Things You Should Know About DJing, According to Ocean Lam

1. Don’t worry

Music can really make me forget about things that I don’t want to think or worry about. I listened to many different types of music when I got my first Walkman. I don’t really watch TV.

2. Feel the beat

I never really try to be a DJ who stands out. I just love to play the music I like and to bring new sounds to the crowd and my friends. I don’t want them or myself to feel bored or not like dancing when they come out.

3. Look beyond

The most important thing is to spend time finding new and interesting music. People can tell that you are working hard by listening to your set and seeing how you create a nice journey with your music.

4. Blurring lines

I like techno, minimal, house, acid, dub techno…many different kinds of electronic music, to be honest. I don’t really care about genres anymore. The most important thing to me is if the song is interesting, if it can touch my heart or make me dance.

5. Stay local

Oma is my favorite spot for good underground music. I also play there regularly. There are many good local DJs like Taku Hirayama, Anthony2, Basil Tam, Zac Watz, Jo.D, and Fresh Funky S. We have a local label called Typhoon8 Records, which is run by my good friend Fresh Funky S. We have already released 54 CDs with many local DJs. We also bring international and regional artists to Hong Kong so that people here can listen to different sounds.

Looking towards the future?

I want to keep on throwing happy, hypnotic parties with my friends here and from around the world. I hope I can have more time to produce more music. I have my Monday to Friday day job, so it’s hard to spend much time on learning and producing. One of my dreams is for my music to be released on vinyl, and if my music could be used in a charity compilation to help other people, that would be really great.

From our Hot Seat series.