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By The Loop HK Contributor | August 17th, 2021

Be Flexible, Be Flexitarian: As NOSH puts it, it’s time to embrace the flexitarian lifestyle. The leading healthy meal brand is also Hong Kong’s first made-for-delivery food brand. Nutritionists and chefs prepare fresh meals that deliver to your home or office for healthy food every day. Each plan is based on your personal goal, from getting lean to NOSH veggie. The brand recently launched its Flexitarian plan which is a marriage of two words – flexible and vegetarian. It’s designed for those who can’t eliminate meat from their diet but also wants to eat more veggie dishes. Thus, this stepping stone meal plan incorporates delicious vegetarian dishes with a touch of meat so that you’re not totally giving it up. For example, start your day with the chia pudding with almonds and pomegranate for breakfast. Next up, the Norwegian smoked salmon kale caesar salad with chia seeds for lunch, followed by the tandoori seasoned cauliflower with pita for dinner. The daily average is 1,200 calories.

When? The new NOSH Flexitarian meal plan at NOSH is available now.

How much? Starting from $182 per day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

How to order? Online at

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