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By The Loop HK Staff | April 29th, 2018

An elevator convo with Zora Benhamou. See here for more from our Next Up series.

How does your business work?

Hack My Age is a platform that shares articles, online programs, information and products that are evidence-based and have worked for me to keep my biological age younger than my chronological age. I regularly update the Facebook and Instagram pageswith varied information on others who are disrupting their age.

How did your business get started?

I got the idea for Hack My Age when I started to live-stream on Periscope. Facebook and Instagram hadn’t yet rolled out their live-streaming feature, so I jumped on the wagon to create a loyal following on Periscope by sharing my day-to-day life in Hong Kong, and interviews with anyone I found intriguing in the health and wellness industry. I was named by one of my followers – “Zora The Explorer” – for my curiosity, upbeat personality and willingness to explore not only many areas of Hong Kong, but the many types of people I met along my travels.

I have been in the anti-aging business for many years, and found that a merge between this business and my online presence made a good match.

Who are your clients?

My clients vary from 25-year-old French men to 60-year-old American women, but the majority of my clients are women in their mid-40s and 50s who are looking to lose belly fat, improve sleep patterns, regulate hormonal imbalances and look younger than they are. Some of them realize they are on the fast-track to aging and want to slow down time. I show them how to do both with my online program, as well as with one-to-one counseling.

What’s a day in your life like?

I wake up every morning at 6am, make breakfast for my daughter before school, head to the gym or go outdoors for a hike, shower (a whole Hack My Age beauty ritual in itself) and eat breakfast. My morning ritual is sacred and starts my day off on the right foot.

By 9:30am I am either creating new content for the website, Facebook and Instagram, or connecting with other leaders in the health and wellness industry to collaborate on new projects. I get a lot of emails and messages, so I spend a good chunk of time answering those. The business is not so large that I need to hire staff yet to take care of this, so I enjoy really connecting with my audience on my own.

Lunch is usually at home. I like to know what is in my food and don’t want to spend a lot of time looking for a place to eat and then come home needing to eat again. I am small, but I eat quite a lot and am never satisfied when I go out to eat. I am a fan of my own “big-ass salad,” where I combine every kind of vegetable imaginable for a rainbow of antioxidants and a hearty portion of clean protein.

During the second half of the day, I may meet new clients, hold a corporate talk on aging, or do a demonstration for some beauty or nutritional products from brands that I represent. Alternatively, I continue creating content, building slides for the next seminar or tackling new business challenges.

By 6pm I am in the kitchen, one of my favorite places. I love cooking and coming up with new recipes for the blog that are “age hackable”. Evenings are spent catching up on articles, books, podcasts and blogs looking for the latest research and trends in the aging population and health in general. By 9pm, I am starting my sleep ritual by dimming the lights, setting soft bedtime music, and pumping up the lavender essential oil in my diffuser. I usually turn off my electronics, computer and phone off by 10pm to make sure not to disrupt my circadian rhythm and have a good night’s sleep. I am sleeping by 10:30 to 11pm.

Where do you see your business in future?

My blog is based on 25 years of traveling and living abroad, observing different cultures and how people age across the globe. My last child is graduating high school this year, so we will no longer be tied to Hong Kong. I would like to find a partner to collaborate with to create podcasts and live streams, as well as build wellness programs around the world. I see myself taking Hack My Age to another level, as I will have more free time to travel the world, continue to learn from others formally and informally, lecture (and listen) in the wellness sector, collaborate with other leaders in the wellness and aging industry and learn more how to slow down the aging process.