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By Joanna Lam | April 11th, 2017

An elevator convo with Philippa Ho. See here for more from our Next Up series.

What do you do?

I’m the co-founder for Kalacove, an artistic home décor brand that offers products featuring pulsating shades and kaleidoscopic patterns. I also co-organize a charity project called 1000 Drawings Hong Kong, an initiative that seeks to support local artists and raise funds for local charities and the underprivileged in South Africa. When I’m not running my business and organizing art events, I teach yoga classes in Lemon Drop Studio, Yoga Aloha and Kita Yoga.

How does your business work?

My business partner Christine Wong and I design our own products, which range from beanbags, cushions, beach towels to phone cases — all of which can be purchased from our online store. We also collaborate with brands and individuals with similar core values and mindsets, which can take us into the realms of fashion, events, tech and other industries, thanks to the high adaptability of abstract art.

How did you get started?

Kalacove is all about abstract patterns for textiles and print. The design pays tribute to the colors that surround us in our everyday lives, which are often overlooked. With these playful and vibrant patterns, we hope to add a splash of striking and uplifting colors to your homes, and to bring a sense of positivity and happiness to the space.

The brand was born from a myriad of conversations that spanned Youtube, bare feet, home interiors, Picasso and everything in between. Ultimately, Christine and I both wanted to create a colorful cove where people can be themselves and feel comfortable to share things with each other.

Who are your customers?

Ever since the beginning, we’ve been receiving immense support from our friends and family. Then our network grew a little wider and we had friends of friends of friends purchasing bean bags for their own homes, alongside local businesses displaying our artworks and renting beanbags for events. Now we have offices reaching out to us wanting to deck their walls with our colorful prints, as well as customers enquiring about customized artwork.

Can you give us a rundown of a day in your working life?

I wake up each day with a very different schedule ahead, and that’s what I love about it. Christine and I like to work outdoors as much as we can — all we need is strong Wi-Fi, battery life and ideas. In between designing artwork — some days messy hands-on, other days digital — and managing orders, we touch base with our collaborators or pitch our ideas to new brands to partner with.

Where do you see yourself and your business in 5 years?

I see Kalacove engaging with the world of home interiors — We’ll have an airy and spacious studio to work from with plenty of sunlight to fuel our painting days, and we’ll open the space for events and dinner parties that connect us with the creative minds and like-minded talents in the local community.