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By Gayatri Bhaumik | August 25th, 2020

An elevator convo with Natasha Moor, Founder of Natasha Moor Cosmetics. See here for more from our Next Up series.

What do you do?

I like to believe that I’m able to be part of something bigger. Through my experiences as a make-up artist and philanthropist, I founded Natasha Moor Cosmetics with the intention of inspiring and empowering individuals through the transformative power of make-up. As a brand, we specialize in luxurious, cruelty-free make-up products that are designed to inspire confidence in those who wear them.

How does your business work?

I am constantly inspired by my experiences with my direct clientele and those around me. Once the ideas begin to take shape in my mind, I consult with my amazing team, who help turn my dream products into reality. I am thoroughly involved in every step of the process – from concept development to color selection, packaging, and distribution – to ensure that every product in the Natasha Moor Cosmetics portfolio is true to our motto of self-confidence and empowerment.

We’re working very closely with Sephora in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines to make all of our products available throughout Southeast Asia; in the US, our products are available directly through our website.

How did your business get started?

I’ve always been inspired by my brides and my direct clientele. I’ve been so fortunate to work with such inspiring people throughout my career. Their genuine reactions and bursts of confidence post-makeover always inspire me and the products in the collection.

Furthermore, my work with underprivileged women also galvanized me to achieve my goals in building Natasha Moor Cosmetics. I wanted to investigate inspiring confidence in those who need it the most. I believe make-up provides a universal language of happiness, self-love, and creativity. I want to amplify my voice globally through my brand and pursue just one goal: to empower and inspire all who wear my products.

Who are your customers?

Our customers are very diverse: anyone and everyone can wear Natasha Moor Cosmetics! Our products are non-gender and non-age specific. We want those who wear our products to feel empowered and uplifted.

What’s a day in your working life like?

As an entrepreneur, no one day is exactly the same. Many of my team members are based abroad, so I do tend to have a varied schedule, which sometimes involves me waking up at odd times in the middle of the night to take calls!

I do my best to ensure that I maintain a balance of being the Founder of Natasha Moor Cosmetics, a make-up artist, and a philanthropist. Pre-COVID, I was traveling to a destination abroad every week for my bridal make-up commitments! But, since that has slowed down, I keep myself occupied with an equilibrium of work and business; I pride myself on my mindful eating and exercise routine.

Where do you see your business in the future?

My first line of cosmetics was lipsticks, specifically out Molten Matte Liquid Lipsticks and Silk Suede Lipsticks. We then began creating our buildable “conceal and conquer” range, which includes our No Bag Vibes orange color corrector stick two concealers, and our Take Control Contour Stick. Now, we’ve just launched our triple black long-stay eyeliner – Kohl It Magic – and our brand new Moor Power extreme volumizing mascara, both of which are available online at Sephora Hong Kong. We’re now working diligently to launch in other areas of Asia in the near future, so it’s full speed ahead at the moment!