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By The Loop HK Staff | August 30th, 2018

What do you do?

With a vision to transform and enhance the tea drinking experience, Moonlight Tea aims to bring the most exquisite bottled teas and tea products to the community. Convenient, yet without sacrificing the good quality a tea should have.

How does your business work? 

Before the product launch, we took more than a year to research and develop our own recipes for the teas. As a result, the good quality of Moonlight Cold Brew Tea enhances our customers’ tea appreciation. It’s an elegantly designed bottle filled with excellent tea from around the world, introducing quality tea drinking to the age of convenience.

We saw that people are becoming more concerned about health. Among other beverages, tea is one of the most popular choices. However, we found that many of them are filled with sugar, chemical additives or preservatives, which is not at all healthy. I then came up with the idea of a product which is really healthy and still has a great taste that satisfies me and my tea buddies, at least.

Who are your clients?

Our tea has been served on various occasions and at places, like art festival openings, business meetings, cafes, and fine-dining restaurants. Our clients include the well-known skincare brand SK-II, Swire Properties, and Art Next Expo. Our customers are those who look for quality and healthy products.

What’s a day in your working life like?

I spend most of my time in the factory managing tea production and developing new tea recipes. I spend 2-3 hours following up sales accounts and completing daily admin tasks. Another important task in my working day is meeting with colleagues to discuss sales and marketing, and business development. The above tasks make up my basic work day, but there’s also a lot more to deal with. Start-ups are always full of challenges, but opportunities, as well.

Where do you see your business in future?

I wish for Moonlight Tea to bring a more vibrant tea scene to Hong Kong. I hope that we not only offer more quality tea and flavors to our community, but also introduce the great causes behind our products. I sincerely hope Moonlight Tea allows for better living in this metropolis.

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