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By The Loop HK Staff | July 25th, 2018

What do you do?

My role at MindBeauty is mainly in business development, but given my background in marketing and design, I also spend quite a lot of time in promotion and building relationships with partner shops.

How does your business work?

The group of female entrepreneurs behind MindBeauty have made it their mission to bring busy Hongkongers a beauty booking app that knows and delivers what they really need. MindBeauty curates beauty and wellness content and allows users to get secure and instant confirmation directly from the salon before making payment. We also include SME beauty enterprises and individual trainers in our shop list as well as big salon chains. We aim to direct new customers to the targeted salons that suits them best.

How did your business get started?

Being frequent users of different kinds of beauty booking apps during our long stays in different countries such as Japan, China and the UK, both my partners and I believed that there was still a lot of room in this market to improve and develop further from a user’s perspective, especially in this busy city, Hong Kong.

Who are your clients?

Since beauty and wellness can be part of everyone’s lifestyle, our clients are – potentially – everyone.

What’s a day in your working life like?

I usually wake up at 5am. I love to start the day with my hand-drip coffee while others are still sleeping. This quiet moment allows my head to become clear and calm enough for me to plan my daily activities and reply to emails. For me, life and work go together. I love my work just like I love my life.

Where do you see your business in future?

We are still in the very early stages of a startup. It is exciting to see shops start to approach us to be listed and for partnerships. We aim to be a bridge for both large and medium-sized spas and salons, providing not only booking services, but also  marketing support to promote the best salons, to help them reach the right targeted clients. We hope to bring the best selections, safe booking, and a user-friendly platform to all beauty and wellness lovers, both locally and internationally.


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