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By The Loop HK Staff | October 23rd, 2019

Gonzalo Mijalovich is the owner of Gonzalo Kosher-Organic-Natural Meats, an online butcher specializing in paleo, kosher, and halal meats and dairy products.

What do you do?

We specialize in the home delivery of the highest quality kosher, organic, grass-fed meat while providing an exceptional level of service for the personal needs of each customer.

How does your business work?

We serve valued customers that trust the added value that kosher provides to the whole meat product.

How did your business get started?

In 2011, we brought a small amount of imported meat and offered direct sales by word of mouth. This grew into what Gonzalo Kosher Meat is today.

Who are your clients?

We serve all of Hong Kong; anyone who desires a trustworthy, 100 per cent traceable meat source.

What’s a day in your working life like?

I am a father of three, so work-life balance is my philosophy in life. I am passionate about my business, but I am also very passionate about my family. I oversee the daily operations of Gonzalo Kosher Meat and am hands-on in the entire process. My days are also filled with my second business, which is related to Gonzalo Kosher Meat. This business is an investment fund made up of several Gonzalo Kosher Meat customers that allows them to receive annual returns by participating in the beef production.

Where do you see your business in the future?

Our goal is to keep providing the same level of service consistently. This service has also opened the door for us to expand the investment fund based in beed production, which will continue to grow.

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