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By Karen Chiang | August 17th, 2017

An elevator convo with Jason Sinarwi. See here for more from our Next Up series.

What do you do?

My main gig is private personal training. I work together with clients to build their bodies and better their lifestyle through training. Besides personal training, I run community-based group fitness classes under Sunday Shred — something that came about just over a year and a half ago. (I am also an aspiring hip-hop artist!)

How does your business work?

Currently, Sunday Shred isn’t a business per se, in the sense that we do not sell ourselves as a service provider in exchange for money. I want people to think of Sunday Shred as a safe, physical and online space that helps them feel encouraged and motivated to work on their health, knowing that there is a whole community behind them doing the same.

At the moment, we run as a “happy to pay” weekly workout group, meaning that participants can give a little, give a lot, or not give at all. I do my best to reinforce that the goal is to have fun and get fit.

How did you get started?

Sunday Shred actually began a few months after I began my journey as a freelance trainer. I had landed a part time gig at a gym, and discovered that they were closed every Sunday. I took the opportunity to round up a bunch of people and hold weekly Sunday workouts. I would pay the gym fee for the hour, as well as market the gym on social media, so I figured it would be a win-win situation. Not long after, I decided to move the group outdoors.

The concept of a “community workout” came about upon hearing a talk from Lindsay Jang, who mentioned my group classes and called it a community group. Something about what she said resonated with me, and I decided then on that I would spend more time building a community rather than try to make money out of it. I strongly believe that when you approach people out of a passion to give, that you will also receive just as much, if not more.

Who are your customers?

My youngest client is 15, the oldest client is 70. The majority of my clients, however, fall into the 25 to 45 working professional group.

Can you give us a rundown of a day in your working life?

Right now, I spend most of my free time working on content for Sunday Shred social media. I am currently looking to build the team, and bring on board others who are passionate about helping the community. I’ve learned that one person just isn’t enough to get things done.

Where do you see yourself and your business in 5 years?

Helping others through fitness will always be a part of my life. In 5 years, I see my business shifting towards creating and selling online fitness content.