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By Mina Chan | February 4th, 2022

The pandemic might still be raging, but you can still take control of your own environment and maximize the good luck and prosperity for your home by following some age-old feng shui guidance.

For those who need a refresher, feng shui is an ancient style of Chinese astrology which includes but is not limited to things like analyzing floor plans; rearranging furniture; and acquiring auspicious items for the home; all to achieve a more harmonious way of living and attract healthier energies for those living in said home.

Below are some tips we can all benefit from to kick off the new year!

Red and yellow elements to boost wealth and fortune

Red and shiny things. Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels
Red and shiny things. Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

The Northeast corner of the home should be clean and free of clutter — otherwise, your fortune may be obstructed. However, red and yellow decor placed in that direction may help you boost your wealth and fortune: examples are aquatic plants in a red pot, or a transparent jar full of shiny coins.

Lucky bamboo for career aspirations

Lucky bamboo plant. Photo by Creation Hill from Pexels
Lucky bamboo plant. Photo by Creation Hill from Pexels

For those who are hankering for a promotion or salary boost, four lucky bamboo plants should be placed in the Southeast corner of the home. Ornaments containing the water element in the Northeast can also help to harness positive energy.

Flowers for love

Peach blossom. Photo by Tina from Pexels
Peach blossom. Photo by Tina from Pexels

If you are looking for a relationship, having some narcissus and peach blossom flowers in the home certainly won’t hurt. Pink crystals and butterfly ornaments are also said to be beneficial to those seeking love.

For those who are in a relationship and hope to get married, placing red and green decor in the south corner, or couple dolls and fruit-bearing plants rooted in soil (fruit borne) might just do the trick.

Sofa placement for health

Hyatt place Bangkok sukhumvit lobby

To avoid illnesses, you should be wary of the Southwest corner, whose direction is associated with (bad) health. Sofas and beds for sitting and lying down on should not be placed in this area, and red and yellow decor should also be avoided.

However, copper decorations and dollar coins soaking in a cup of water in glass, are said to help eliminate bad energies from the area.

The same advice goes for the center of the home. Placing sound-making metal ornaments, such as music boxes, wind chimes and copper bells, in this area can help ward off negative energies.

Happy arranging!

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