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By Yannie Chan | September 7th, 2020

The Faith in Love Foundation has launched the VoiceOut! mobile app to combat discrimination. The app allows users to log discrimination of any kind — be it due to race, gender, disability, or sexual orientation — and connects complainants to lawyers, mediators, or social workers who can assist on their case. 

But the app is especially important for the city’s LGBT+ community. Not only is there currently no outlet for LGBT+ discrimination other than court, there’s also no law targeting discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. VoiceOut! is the city’s first-ever platform to log LGBT+ discrimination. 

The foundation said that the recent “social distancing measures required by the pandemic” have further exposed the most vulnerable sections of society. “There is an urgent need for intervention from a trusted third party,” the charity explained. “So that there can be a safe platform for anyone in Hong Kong who may have fallen victim to discrimination.”

The data collected will also be used for public policymaking and research. 

The Faith in Love Foundation is a charity founded by Gigi Chao, a property heiress and prominent gay rights advocate in Hong Kong. She wrote an open coming-out letter to her tycoon father, who offered a HK$500 million dowry to any man who could win her heart in 2014.

Learn more about the VoiceOut! mobile app at

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