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By Yannie Chan | October 28th, 2020

New World Development is making a huge splash in the city’s property scene. After announcing revitalization plans for North Point’s iconic State Theater, the property’s next big plan is to reimagine how we could live sustainably in the post-Covid world.

Set to be completed by 2022, The Pavilia Farm in Tai Wai is already the city’s hottest new housing complex. The project is spearheaded by K11 founder and New World Development CEO Adrian Cheng. All units on offer sold out in one weekend.

The Pavilia Farm is a response to concerns of climate change and life after Covid-19. The design team, which comprises of architecture firms from Finland, Japan, Norway and Hong Kong, announced today that it will feature a one-of-a-kind aquaponics farms in a residential project.

The Pavilia Farm (Photo: New World Development)

One of the goals of the residential project is to incorporate sustainable food and farming practices into urban areas. Enter the self-sustaining aquaponics farming terrace and a 6,500-square-feet urban farm, designed by Osaka-based landscape design firm Ohtori. The farm will be an ecosystem in itself, with the water flowing through the paddy fields circulating back to the carp ponds, while water from the carp ponds will help fertilize the paddy fields.

Aside from growing their own crops, residents can also cook and enjoy their own Farm-to-Table meals at the residential clubhouse Farm Pavilion. The complex will collect food waste from its residents and convert them into fertilizers for its farms.

The design team is envisioning a living space with minimal “high-touch surfaces” — i.e. surfaces that people frequently touch such as door handles and water taps. Not only will there be a contactless control system for the lifts as well as the main entrances, a special coating will be applied in the lobby, clubhouse, and other common areas to prevent viruses and bacteria.

New World Development reveals that the project is “set to redefine sustainability standards in residential architecture”. The team has conscientiously reviewed the level of building density, orientation of the buildings, green areas and the local weather, in order to come up with a plan that maximizes natural ventilation to achieve an energy-saving and comfortable environment for the clubhouse.

The Pavilia Farm (Photo: New World Development)

Another important goal is to make good use of renewable energy options. Solar panels, wind turbines, thermal performance glass curtain walls, and other energy-efficient appliances will be installed to deliver a low-carbon lifestyle.

Other features include a 10,000-square-foot play area for children inspired by Harvard professor Howard Gardner, and the inclusion of patented smart-home devices in the apartments. The “Retractable Step”, for instance, is a hidden step slides out for children to step up easily to use the basin in the toilet.

The Pavilia Farm is located right above Tai Wai MTR Station. The East Rail Line Extension, which is currently in process, will link up Tai Wai with Admiralty, and Central will just be six stations away.

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