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By Gayatri Bhaumik | November 25th, 2018

One of Hong Kong’s favorite chefs gets a starring role in a hotly-anticipated new reality show by Netflix. Just added to the Hong Kong library of the streaming service,” The Final Table” is a global culinary competition where some of the world’s top chefs team up to tackle the world’s signature dishes. Representing Hong Kong is chef Shane Osborn, who helms the kitchen at Michelin-starred restaurant Arcane.

The Final Table brings 24 of the world’s finest chefs together and in pairs, the chefs tackle national dishes from countries like Japan, Brazil, India and Mexico. But this isn’t your average kitchen competition. The teams will be judged by a rotating panel of food critics, culinary luminaries, actors, athletes and celebrities — and the three lowest-scoring teams will be relegating to a cook-off to survive to the next episode.

It all sounds delightfully dramatic — especially when you add all the whizz-bang star power, technology and mise-en-scène involved. But you’ll need to tune in to see how it stacks up against other beloved kitchen shows like Chef’s Table and Kitchen Nightmares. As for Shane? We love his dishes at Arcane, and it’ll be interesting to see him turn his hand to a different challenge!


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