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By The Loop HK Staff | May 12th, 2020

This month, Netflix is releasing a slew of new movies. Many of them were slated to be released to cinema, but as a result of the pandemic, film studios have decided to allow the films to go straight to the streaming service, instead. Rounding out this month’s offerings are some of Netflix’s own originals, along with a comedy special you won’t want to miss. Here’s what to watch on Netflix in May 2020.

Uncut Gems

Created by the Sadfie brothers, this Adam Sandler-led caper follows Jewish jeweler (and gambling addict) Howard Ratner through New York’s Diamond District as he tries to retrieve an expensive gem he bought to pay off his debts. Obviously, hijinx ensue.


Created by Ryan Murphy (yes, the same guy behind “Glee”), this limited series is a tribute to the heyday of old Hollywood. The series centers around a lineup of aspiring directors and actors, some of whom are real, and some of who are inspired by past Hollywood luminaries.

Medici: Season 3

Netflix’s sumptuous series about Florence’s powerful Medici family returns for a third – and final – season of drama, betrayal, poising, politicking, and romance.


Building on the success of Michelle Obama’s autobiography of the same name, this documentary follows Obama on her book tour. It’s an interesting behind-the-scenes look at the life of the former First Lady, who comes off as relatable, compassionate, and fun. You won’t want to miss this one.

Si, Mi Amor

In this Spanish rom-com, the lead male character is blindsided when his long-time girlfriend dumps him after she suspects he’s cheated on her. So, he embarks on a mission to prove his fidelity – and get the girl back.

18 Presents

Gripping and heart-wrenching, this Italian-made flick follows a pregnant mother dealing with terminal cancer. Knowing she won’t be around for her baby, she leaves 18 presents – one for each of her daughter’s birthdays until she reaches womanhood.

The Wrong Missy

Another feel-good rom-com, this one directed by Tyler Spindel. In this, a man meets the woman of his dreams, then sends her an invite to his corporate retreat. Plot twist: The email goes to the wrong Missy, and hilarity ensues (mostly thanks to David Spade, who stars).

The Lovebirds

This Paramount movie was supposed to hit cinemas in early April; instead, it’s getting a free release via Netflix. A couple gets involved in a murder mystery – but with Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjani, you know there’s a dash of comedy, too.

La Corazonada (Intuition)

In this Argentinian film, a police officer works on her first big case while trying to investigate her boss, who is suspected of murder. It’s a full-throttled thriller, and the prequel to “Perdita.”

The Half of It

Netflix seems to have found a niche with quirky teen dramas, and this one is no different. A female nerd agrees to write a love letter for a popular joke; but then they become friends – and fall for the same girl. It’s a love-triangle rom-rom, but with a twist.

Jerry Seinfield: 23 Hours to Kill

Looking for a laugh? The latest stand-up offering from funnyman Jerry Seinfeld should fit the bill. Filmed in New York before the pandemic, you’ll almost feel nostalgic while laughing out loud as he discusses talking vs texting, bad buffets and great restaurants, and the enduring appeal of Pop Tarts.

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