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By The Loop HK Staff | August 10th, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is clearly hindering Netflix’s ability to create new content. While there are a few hard-hitting newbies – an adult animated series about a basketball coach that swears like a sailor, a hard-hitting look at American immigration – this month, Netflix is all about bringing back classic films. From fantasy dramas and period pieces to action flicks and everything in between, here’s what to watch on Netflix in August 2020.

Immigration Nation

America’s immigration policies come under significant scrutiny in this eye-opening documentary. Over six episodes, this limited series takes viewers through the process of immigration through the eyes of ICE agents, activists, lawmakers, and immigrants.

Work It

A new Netflix original, this flick puts a new twist on the classic teen dance movie. A high school senior wants to make her school’s dance team to pad her college credentials. The problem? She can’t dance. So, she enlists the help of Jordan Fisher (of P.S. I Love You fame), Liza Koshy, and Michelle Buteau to make her dreams come true.

Project Power

Get ready for a real ride with this new action flick. Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt star as an ex-soldier and cop who join forces to track down a drug that’s causing problems in New Orleans. This is real Jerry Bruckheimer-type stuff, from big bangs, adrenaline-fuelled car chases, and witty one-liners you’ll be repeating for days.

The Magic School Bus Rides Again Kids in Space

90s kids will remember learning science with the help of The Magic School Bus, a series of reality-twisting TV shows and books. Now, the series is being reinvented for the 21st century and – appropriately – catapults the bus (and the kids) into space.

High Seas: Season 3

This swanky Spanish murder mystery returns for a third season. This time, the Barbara de Barbacoa is sailing from Buenos Aires to Mexico and – in a rather surprisingly timely plot twist – there’s a virus on board. Expect period costumes, mistaken identities, and plenty of duplicities.


A new show by the creators of “Bob’s Burgers,” this series is an adult comedy that follows a bitter, foul-mouthed high school basketball coach who’s trying to get his squad in shape to make the big time.

Jurassic Park

This 90s classic is back! This Steven Speilberg-helmed tour de force follows a paleontologist into a world of evil-doing dinosaurs.

The Addams Family

Another classic film! Whether you watch it for Morticia and Gomez’s weird relationship, Wednesday and Pugsley’s twisted hijinx, or Lurch and Cousin It’s…well, pure weirdness, this is kooky, escapist fun.

A Knight’s Tale

This period piece is Heath Ledger at his charismatic best. He plays a servant who’s forced to compete in a tournament as a nobleman – and wins the heart of a princess while he’s at it.

The NeverEnding Story

Consider this the ultimate fantasy movie of the 80s. Bastian is a much put-upon tween dealing with a neglectful father and bullies at school – who gets sucked into the world of Fantasia and has to defeat the forces of evil to rescue the Childlike Empress.

Casino Royale

Daniel Craig’s first outing as British MI6 agent James Bond will be hitting Netflix this month, giving viewers the chance to relive his adventures of high-stakes gambling, double agents, and of course, the perfect Vesper Martini. Can’t get enough? No worries – Quantum of Solace will be hitting the streaming service at the same time.


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