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By Karen Chiang | October 16th, 2017
  • Kowloon, Shek Kip Mei

Hidden next to Sham Shui Po and Prince Edward, Shek Kip Mei is a small piece of old Hong Kong that’s flourishing with local talents and culture.

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Old Timer

Garden Centre photographed by Chong Fat

Garden Centre

Garden Company’s headquarters is one of the best hidden gems in the area. The supplier to most of the bread, biscuits, and cakes Hongkongers eat every day, its office lobby and café are actually open to the public. Apart from checking out the products Garden has sold over the past century, you can also have a quick taste at the café.

58 Castle Peak Road, 2720-1055.


SCAD Hong Kong

SCAD Hong Kong

This private art school from Atlanta, Georgia has established itself in the former North Kowloon Magistracy Building — one of the only surviving neoclassical buildings of its kind in Hong Kong. Though not strictly a visitor’s attraction, SCAD hosts public heritage tours where you will be introduced to the building’s fascinating design and stories.

292 Tai Po Road, 2253-8044.

Eat Here

Chillazy Dessert’s Marshmallow Toast

Ban Heung Lau | 品香樓中西風味餐廳 

A firm favorite for local university students, Ban Heung Lau is a cha chan teng that’s particularly known for its iced chocolate drink, topped with a heavy dose of whipped cream. Go here for some no-frills Hong Kong classic dishes shared family style, and expect to get cosy as it is always extremely popular.

The estate that houses the restaurant is also home to one of the best egg puff stalls, where the dessert is made over charcoal fire. If you want a taste, stick around until after dinner time when the food carts start to pop up.

Shop 204-205, 210-213, Nam Fung House, Nan Shan Estate, 2778-8791.

Chillazy Dessert | 糖室

If you’re looking for desserts post-dinner, head to Chillazy for some ‘grammable desserts in the form of giant and colorful shaved ice towers, as well as a menu full of western and Asian sweet treats served both cold and warm. New to the area, it is frequented by the younger demographic and is a popular place to chat and chill. The alfresco area is something you should bookmark for colder days ahead.

Shop C4, Cooked Food Stall, Nam Shan Estate Shopping Center Podium, 5260-8053.

Home’s Dumplings | 自家餃子

Don’t be fooled by its name — the hero item of this small and local stall hidden at the side of the road is not dumplings. The hand-teared chicken (手撕雞), served over white rice and covered in housemade secret sauce, chopped pickles and a dash of chili sauce is what will you keep you coming back. The best bit: the whole thing costs $30. If you’re looking for something milder, the handmade pork and vegetable dumplings are also a belly-warming choice.

Shop G94-G95, G/F, Pak Tin Shopping Center, 1-3 Wai Chi Lane, 5484-2288.

Drink Here

Toolss in Shek Kip Mei


Both a stationery shop and a cafe, Toolss is the perfect afternoon spot for a cup of flat white with friends. You’ll find handpicked notebooks, pens, and other items imported from Japan and all over the globe too.

G/F, Fook Tin Building, 38 Wai Chi Street, 3954-5135.

Explore in the afternoon

Heritage of Mei Ho House Museum

Mei Ho House

Shek Kip Mei’s Mei Ho House is not only home to a hostel and café in a revitalized public housing building, but also a museum about the tragic Shek Kip Mei Fire in 1953. You can also learn about the past lives of local people through historic items and recreations of living quarters.

If you’re up for a quick hike, climb up to Garden Hill through clearly marked stairs next to Mei Ho House for a stunning view of the Sham Shui Po skyline.

Block 41, 70 Berwick Street, 3728-3500.

Wai Chi Street Playground | 黑地

You may have seen it pop up at PMQ before, but this playground is a treasure trove of old-school home items commonly found in Hong Kong households, mixed with modern practical accessories from kickstarters and global designers.

Shop 19-20, Fook Tin Building, 38 Wai Chi Street, 9806-1476.

Of course, don’t forget to check out nearby JCCAC on the next street for some local art and crafts too!

Around the Block

Just a stone’s throw away is bustling Sham Shui Po, where plenty of shopping and eating awaits. Towards Nathan Road you’ll find the hot spots Prince Edward and Mong Kok, about a 20-minute walk away.

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