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By The Loop HK Contributor | June 27th, 2021

MTR’s Tuen Ma Line connecting Tuen Mun Station on the West Rail line to Wu Kai Sha Station on the Ma On Shan Line launches today (June 27). The line stretches 27 stations, connecting the west and the east of the New Territories.

With the launch  comes two new stations Sung Wong Toi Station and To Kwa Wan Station. Sung Wong Toi Station is located in the Kowloon City district, featuring an underground pedestrian network that links directly to the center of Kowloon City.

During the construction period of the station, a large quantity of relics dating to the Song-Yuen period was unearthed. The station roof was designed to enable visitors to learn the in-situ location of an ancient square-shaped stone well and an associated water channel. Some of the archaeological relics will also be displayed in cabinets inside the station.

To Kwa Wan Station

Situated in a old and well-developed district, To Kwa Wan Station is connected to various locations in the area. The station also features an artwork created by artist Leung Mee-ping in collaboration with the local community. More than 100 To Kwa Wan residents shared treasured items and the stories behind each of them.

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