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By Yannie Chan | April 21st, 2021

With only a few weeks until Mother’s Day, it’s time to look into gifts for all supermoms out there who fed us and took care of us throughout this difficult year. We’ve rounded up some of the most thoughtful gift ideas by small local businesses, from elegant perfumes and vegetable bouquets to guasha sets and instant abalone to surprise your mama this Mother’s Day.

Dai Heung Ley’s Tea Perfumes

Image courtesy of Dai Heung Ley

Dai Leung Ley (大香里) is a local brand that creates perfumes from 100% natural essential oils and with zero artificial additives. The brand name literally means “big fragrant alley”, a twist on the slang “大鄉里” (someone who’s never traveled outside its home town), referring to its local roots in Hong Kong the “fragrant harbour”.

Inspired by the city’s love for tea, Dai Leung Ley recently came out with a series of tea perfumes. Honey Rose Tea Perfume (蜂蜜玫瑰茶 • 天然香水), made from rose essential oils with notes of honey and astringency, is sensual and known for its mood-lifting and soothing properties. Earl Grey Perfume (伯爵茶 • 天然香水) is bright and joyful, with notes of citrus and bergamot. For those looking for an unusual scent, the Chinese hawberry osmanthus tea perfume (山楂桂花茶 • 天然香水) is heavily influenced by local flavors. A little bit sweet, sour and floral, it’s a deeply warm and comforting scent.

Available on Pinkoi and Green Bitch

Traditional Cakes from Mrs Fong Desserts

Other than sponge cakes or cheesecakes, how about some traditional cakes and puddings from Mrs Fong Desserts? The shop sells a dazzling assortment of traditional Chinese desserts that taste exactly like what you’d get back in the days — a nostalgic treat for mama to bring back some fond memories from the past. Mrs Fong has been making these desserts since she was a kid, and all her desserts are still made using traditional recipes. The most popular items include black sesame rolls — which sometimes sells for over 300 pieces a day — white sugar cake, bowl rice pudding, and red bean cake.

Image courtesy of Mrs Fong Desserts

Mrs Fong Desserts (方太糕品舖), G/F, 196 Shanghai Street, Jordan, 5628-5486

Vegetable Bouquets from Chillveg

For the practical and health-conscious moms out there, Chillveg’s colorful bouquets are both healthy and photogenic. Arranged from premium fruits and vegetables, the creative bouquets come in various combinations and colors, from all-green bouquets to the cute and feminine purple cauliflower bouquet. There are also options with real flowers or fruits so you can pick the most suitable one for your dear mother.

Image courtesy of Chillveg

Ready-to-Eat Braised Fish Maw and Drunken Abalone from Savour Life

Image courtesy of Savour Life

A local business that started out specializing in bottled drunken food, i.e. shrimp, soft-boiled egg and pork knuckles marinated in Chinese alcohol, Savour Life has now evolved to offer a range of premium ready-to-eat food. The braised fish maw, abalone, and dried scallop is made from Hokkaido scallops, Australian abalone, and Brazilian fish maw. Another favorite is the Drunken Abalone, which is made from Australian abalone marinated in three different types of alcohol.

Aged Chen Pi Stewed Lemon with Rock Sugar from Ms Kwan’s House

Founded by a former schoolteacher who would make stewed lemon for her own sore throat, Ms Kwan’s House specializes in this traditional tonic that supposedly works wonder for one’s throat and clearing heat from one’s body. Ms Kwan’s stewed lemon uses lemons from Sicily, and chenpi that are at least 20 years old. Have a spoonful whenever you feel your throat acting up, or make a comforting drink by diluting it with warm water.

Image courtesy of Ms Kwan’s House關小姐老陳皮冰糖燉檸檬-1

Easy Guasha Set from the Preface

The Preface is a Hong Kong beauty brand that uses natural ingredients in effective formulas. Based on traditional Chinese medicine theory, the Preface is big on guasha — a Chinese medicine technique that uses a tool to scrape the skin in order to promote blood flow. Their set comes with a S-shaped guasha tool, a Ginger Massage Oil and an Ginger Warming Shower Milk. Ginger is known in TCM for its warming properties. Used in combination with the guasha tool, it is supposed to help clear out toxins and release built-up tension.

Image courtesy of The Preface