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By Michelle Chan | December 31st, 2022

Sneakerhead or not, we all can agree that sneakers are not just bare necessities but instead symbols of one’s taste, network and, in some cases, impressive wealth. If you’re open to more modern investment opportunities, the sneaker exchange market welcomes you also with open arms.

Today, we look at some of the most expensive sneakers money can buy — and this is not just based on astronomical bids: we judge our kicks based on their rarity and cultural significance.

Nike – Nike MAG “Back to the Future” 2016 (From HK$892,700)

Image: Sotheby’s

The box says it all: “The future is now.” Bringing to life Michael J. Fox’s self-lacing Nike MAG in Back to the Future, this sci-fi lovers’ dream-come-true comes with the fascinating “Adaptive Fit” technology, which tightens and loosens the sneakers by sensing the wearer’s feet. Not to mention the ultra-cool LED lights on the ankle and heel.

This 2016 release was limited to 89 pairs worldwide, which means the price tag does reflect its popularity. If you have HK$892,700 just hanging around, add the Nike MAG to your cart on StockX now.

Nike x Louis Vuitton – Air Force 1 Low “Monogram Brown/ Damier Azur” (From HK$754,240)

Image: StockX

If the Louis Vuitton monogram on this pair doesn’t already scream “collectible sneaker royalty”, take a step back and let (the one, the only) Virgil Abloh’s iconic letter spell out design sink in. Arguably one of the greatest collaborations of the century, there is no doubt that these Air Force 1 Low’s are considered the ultimate grail.

Friendly reminder that HK$754,240 is probably as low as it gets — most bids conclude at seven figures. Check the current price on StockX now.

Nike Skateboarding – Dunk Low “Freddy Krueger” (From HK$637,640)

Image: Nike Skateboarding

Rarity and a juicy backstory almost always guarantee explosive public interest, and it holds true in the case of these Nike SB Freddy Krueger Dunk Lows. Originally intended as a Halloween special by Nike SB, this striped, blood-splattered pair was called off the production line before hitting the market due to legal reasons. Word on Elm Street is around 30 pairs were snuck out of the factory while the rest was lost; and this sought-after urban legend can be yours for HK$637,640 (or lower if you’re lucky) on StockX.

Nike – Air Jordan 3/8 Retro “Kobe Pack” (From HK$411,260)

Image: Sotheby’s

Kobe Bryant, need we say more? When this Los Angeles Laker legend was freshly out of his contract with adidas during the 2002-2003 NBA season, Nike vied for his attention with a custom pair of Air Jordan 3 and 8 sporting the signature colorways of the Lakers, which resulted in a fruitful partnership and a roster of collectors’ favorites.

In 2016, replicas of the original “Kobe Pack” sneakers were distributed to friends and family of the brand to commemorate Bryant’s 20th NBA anniversary. Not on that list? Try your luck on online marketplaces such as StockX, bids starting at HK$411,260.

Apple Inc. – Omega Sports Apple Computer Sneakers (From HK$389,848)

Image: Sotheby’s

When it comes to sneaker collection, it is all about the brand. If you were an Apple Inc. employee back in the mid 90s, you already have a pair of Omega Sports Apple Computer Sneakers at home as your company’s token of appreciation. But if that’s not the case, you can acquire your own, good-as-new pair for around HK$389,848 from Sotheby’s. For exhibition purposes only, of course. These platform soles are not touching the ground any time soon.

Please note that the prices listed in this article are accurate upon the time of publishing. They may have since changed due to market volatility.

Featured image courtesy of Louis Vuitton.

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