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By Shimron Singh | January 5th, 2023

Digital art is currently on the rise and so are NFTs. NFT or “Non-fungible token” enable buyers to say that they own the original copy of the digital file. Think of it as purchasing a physical piece of art and owning it. Short summary, NFTs are unique and stored on a blockchain — a record of ownership. What makes it more expensive? It’s the rarity and cultural significance of that particular art piece that cranks the price tag up. Now that you get the general gist, let’s break down the most expensive NFTs ever sold to date.

The Merge’ – $91.8 Million

Photo: Dexerto

The Merge is currently the most expensive NFT ever sold, curated by an anonymous artist named Pak. The collection has sold for $91 million USD, with Pak holding the record for the highest value sales from a living artist. Pak pushes the boundaries of technology and art as we know it with its unique token mechanism called “merge”. Each collector can only own one NFT so should they decide to purchase another, the two will merge into one — the circle then grows in size. Pretty neat, right?

Everydays — The First 5000 Days’ – $69.3 Million

Photo: Makersplace

‘Everydays — The First 5000’ is an NFT piece that glimpses into Beeple’s creative journey from his early days into the digital artist phenomenon he is now. This is the second most expensive NFT ever sold to date. Beeple pledged to create art every single day for the last 13 years and captured it, hence the name “The First 500 Days”. This collage showed us his hard work and dedication to his craft for personal and professional growth. Now, this opens the doors for many digital artists alike. Bravo Beeple!

View his collection here.

Crypto Punk #5822 – $23.7 Million


Photo: CryptoPunks

There is no doubt that you might have seen CryptoPunk #5822 or its variants before on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, or just the internet in general. This particular CryptoPunk is an alien species, which automatically makes it the rarest type as only 9 exist in the 10,000-piece collection. On top of that, the punk has a rare attribute — a blue bandana. Imagine winning the lottery, it’s that rare.

‘Right-click and Save As guy’ – $7 Million

Photo: SuperRare

‘Right Click and Save As Guy’ is an art piece that came at an important time when NFTs were first gaining popularity. It was actually a funny meme that mocked NFT haters and naysayers that said digital art assets are worthless. Basically, mocking those that say ‘It’s easy to copy by just right-clicking and saving it’. NFT enthusiasts argued that owning the original piece is better than owning a knock-off, like a fake Chanel or Gucci bag. Would you agree?

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