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By Michelle Chan | February 21st, 2023

In Yours for a Price, we look at notable collectibles from a particular category, coveted because of their astounding price tags. Whether you’re an avid collector of modern treasures or just an onlooker who likes to be shocked by numbers, this series is for you.

Traditionally, figurines are physical showcases of an artist’s craftsmanship and aesthetic know-how. In the contemporary era, the same sentiment still holds true, and is even amplified due to our tendency to compete and collect. Adding precious materials, designer collaborations and limited quantities into the mix, the world of collectible figurines is growing more prosperous by the second. In this article, we look at 8 of the most costly (but worthwhile) figurines you can add to your collection today.

KAWS 4 Foot Dissected Companion Vinyl Sculpture (Approximately HK$1,410,000)

If for some reason you want to have a 4-foot tall piece of decor in your care, we recommend the limited-edition KAWS Dissected Companion Vinyl Sculpture. Catching your eye with its now-popular anatomical design and full-size stature, this extremely rare acquisition only has itself and 99 other counterparts circulating in the market. Say hello to your new in-house landmark and absolute conversation starter, humbly priced above the million threshold.

BE@RBRICK x Colette 1000% (From HK$684,020)

This limited-edition BE@RBRICK 1000% has been in the market since 2007, and its value is only getting higher thanks to its 100 copies worldwide and not one more. Originally created to commemorate Colette’s (sadly closed now) 100th anniversary, this rendition is strikingly pristine to feature signatures of prominent street artists at the time — talk about an overpowering presence. Of course, such legendary backstory comes with a hefty HK$684,020 price tag to match.

BE@RBRICK x Chanel 1000% (Approximately HK$531,000)

BE@RBRICK received a glamorous makeover by Chanel back in 2006 for promotional purposes, and the rest is history. Sporting iconic Chanel elements such as the tweed jacket, camellia motif and pearl necklace, this not-for-sale rendition certainly piques the interest of fashion and street culture lovers alike, and has graced many private auctions with a staggering estimated value of around HK$531,000. If you have the cash to spare, the sensible course of action will be to go for it.

KAWS x Dior BFF Plush Pink (Approximately HK$117,000)

Going down in history as the collab that turned Dior from classy to street (and still classy!), the 2019 KAWS x Dior collection is filled with edge, color contrasts and whimsy. Echoing the fluffy design elements within the ready-to-wear range, these limited-edition plush toys portray the signature BFF character in dashing Dior fits from head to toe, lending your glass display case just the right pop of cuteness. Cop yours here.

Daniel Arsham Bronze Crystalized Charizard Sculpture (From HK$95,770)

One of the most important names in contemporary art, New York-based artist Daniel Arsham is revered for his conceptual vision and innovative designs crossing disciplines. A must-cop grail among Pokémon fans and contemporary art collectors, this Bronze Crystalized Charizard Sculpture stands proudly with its epic eroded bronze veneer and meticulous details throughout. Hand over HK$95,000 (plus some loose change) and this 99-of-its-kind creation is yours to take home.

Hajime Sorayama Sexy Robot Standing Model A Sculpture (HK$94,000)

For a lack of a better term, Hajime Sorayama’s chromatic robot models are just smoking hot with their golden ratios and streamlined curves. Ever dreamed of claiming one of your own? Standing between you and the 100-copies-only Sexy Robot Standing Model A sculpture is a mere HK$94,000 bank transfer — it’s not every day you run into a bulletproof deal like this.

Please note that the prices list in this article are only accurate upon the time of publishing.

Featured image by Alex Haney.

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