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By Shimron Singh | August 24th, 2023

With the Mid-Autumn Festival fast approaching, mooncake brands are unveiling their new offerings for the year. From classic to contemporary, these mooncakes are sure to be crowd pleasers both for family celebrations and gifting. Top hotels like The Langham are presenting elegantly packaged mooncakes made by award-winning chefs. Artisanal bakeries like Pâtisserie Jane and Cuisine Cuisine are putting creative twists on flavors and presentations. Some collaborations, like Rosewood Hong Kong’s with artists or Duddell’s pairing with sparkling tea, offer modern takes on tradition. Wherever the night finds you, these mooncakes from some of the city’s finest makers promise unique tastes and experiences to mark the full moon festival.

A Celebration Of Togetherness’ by The Langham

The Langham Hong Kong is serving up some fancy mooncakes just in time. The five-star hotel has two exclusive flavors wrapped up in elegant floral boxes: the mini egg custard is perfectly bite-sized, while the lotus paste with double yolks will please both traditionalists and your Instagram feed. Made with only top-shelf ingredients by a three-Michelin-starred chef de cuisine, these luxe mooncakes are sure to impress even the choosiest of friends and family. Ascending this year’s mooncake throne to mark the mid-autumn festivities, get yours from late August through September at Tang Court.

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Momoyama style Mooncakes From Cuisine Cuisine

Cuisine Cuisine is serving artisanal mooncakes fit for your fanciest Mid-Autumn gatherings. Their new line arrives swaddled in opulent packaging, reflecting tradition with a twist. Find flavor-packed double-yolk lotus seeds and signature buttery egg custard bites wrapped with care. Or take home their “Five Fortunes” box set, displaying pastel-hued treats hunkered in pretty Momoyama-style skins. Thrill VIPs with the “Full Moon Blessing” tin housing a whopping six-yolk lotus extravaganza plus a quartet of full-sized Momoyama mooncakes tucked with tempting pineapple matcha and berry fillings.

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Blue Label X Lei Garden Limited-Edition Mooncake Gift Set

Lei Garden is dropping a luxe gift set just in time for the mooncakes. Their spirulina lotus bites snuggle up with a mini bottle of smoky Johnnie Walker Blue for $688 of posh pairing happiness. Or swing by from September 1–30 for personalized engraving when you scoop the big bottle. These collaborations let you taste tradition with a tipple-inclusive twist. No matter your celebration locale this mid-autumn season, packs like these promise presentations that impress without the hard sell.

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“Tea-Infused Mooncake” by Pâtisserie Jane

Pâtissrie Jane is dropping drool-worthy gift sets just in time for mid-autumn with their tea-infused and traditional flaky mooncake collections. Savour novelty blends like matcha lychee and milk oolong custard, or go classic with taro salted egg versions. Intricate paper designs nod to the festival’s heritage in a simplistic style. Snag pre-orders online by August 31st with an early 10% discount too. Whether you’re gifting or gathering, Jane’s mooncake masterpieces are sure to please both modern and traditional taste buds alike this full moon night.

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“full moon—past, past:present:future” by Rosewood Hong Kong & Hong Kong Palace Museum

Rosewood Hong Kong is partnering with the city’s Palace Museum, for special mid-autumn treats. Their festive box blends white lotus seed and egg custard classics with reimagined ink artworks of the moon. Follow tradition with a technology-tinged perspective, enjoy the Executive Chef’s recipes, and support cultural history initiatives led by the museum. With sustainability in mind too. So when you’re browsing for beauty-meets-bite gifts this full moon night, seek out mooncakes that fuse past heritage with an innovative present.

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Paul Lafayet’s Artistic Mooncake Gift Box

Paul Lafayet is dropping gift boxes blessed with both sweetness and aesthetics just in time for mid-autumn. Their collaboration with local illustrators dresses custard numbers in Chang’e and jade rabbit designs with French finesse. Bite into innovations like Genmaicha or Earl Grey flavors that have been carefully prepared. Snag early bird discounts valid through the holiday season for members at selected outlets. Whether you celebrate with family or gift them to pals, Lafayet’s mooncake masterpieces are sure to please both taste buds and eyes this harvest moon night.

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Duddell’s Signature Mooncakes Gift Box

Fancy a festive feast with a modern twist? Duddell’s and Saicho have got you covered – their gift box blends the Michelin-starred restaurant’s signature lava egg custard bites with Saicho’s award-winning bubbly brew. Sip the floral and fruity sparkler from champagne coupes for maximum sensory bliss. The effervescence lifts out the richness of the treats for a refreshed take on tradition. With luxe packaging designed by Hong Kong talent too, it’s a no-brainer gift for those seeking sophistication this harvest moon night. Snap up this special pairing online from the tea peddler now.

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Ān Soy X Esca Introduces Mid-Autumn Festive Mooncake Gift Box

Chef Vicky’s Ān Soy is teaming up with Esca this moon festival season for a sustainability-slanted gift box. Their debut mooncake line features oozing black sesame rounds made with Ān’s homemade milk and Esca’s fragrant salted egg financiers. Savour soy-inspired innovation or tradition in a reusable wooden box. Health-conscious folk and veggie friends rejoice! Snag discounted early orders online at Date, supporting Michelin star masterminds’ efforts to shift soy perceptions. Whether dining solo or gifting gal pals, these innovative bites promise an out-of-the-box experience.

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