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By Faye Bradley | May 11th, 2020

Great news, Hongkongers: Some restaurants are starting to reopen their doors to diners, although stringent social distancing rules still apply. Deliveries and Michelin-star takeaways are still an alternative, of course, but sometimes home-cooked food is needed in order to maintain that healthy lifestyle. Not everyone is born a chef, but it’s certainly a skill worth learning step-by-step. We’ve rounded up six chefs in Hong Kong to follow (via different platforms), who will take your home cooking skills to a whole new level.

Newspaper: Susan Jung

Picture: SCMP Susan Jung’s kimchi fried rice. Photography: Jonathan Wong. Styling: Nellie Ming Lee

South China Morning Post’s Susan Jung worked as a trained pastry chef for restaurants in New York, San Francisco and Hong Kong before becoming the Post’s senior food and wine editor to share her expertise with aspiring chefs and diners. So she definitely knows a thing or two when it comes to cooking — being the academy chair for the Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau region of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants and Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants. Lucky for us, every week Susan shares an assortment of international recipes and video tutorials — perfect for self-teaching at home. Meanwhile, her restaurant reviews are giving us inspo for the next dining ventures.

Video: 張媽媽廚房 Mama Cheung 

Picture: 張媽媽廚房 Mama Cheung

More of a visual learner? Mama Cheung’s home-cooked recipes on YouTube are reminiscent of traditional Hong Kong favorites that we’d probably only see grandma or “mama” cook with their years of generational learning. Surprise the family with one of these mealsvia its easy-to-follow video tutorials — to master local delicacies (we’re thinking turnip cake, egg tart/daan tat and siu mai are a must).

Cookbook: Yardbird by Matt Abergel

Yardbird’s yakitori has the whole city lining up

If you’ve visited Hong Kong’s popular yakitori restaurant, Yardbird, then you’d know that the eatery knows a thing or two about chicken. Putting the spotlight on the well-loved meat, Yardbird’s Canadian chef Matt Abergel takes grilling to a whole new level, using step-by-step recipes with visual references of the signature dishes in the cookbook, Chicken and Charcoal: Yakitori, Yardbird, Hong Kong. Delve into the restaurant’s very own book, which gives insight on how to master yakitori recipes and cocktail shaking — a home-cooked family meal is calling.

Vegetarian/Vegan-Friendly Online Store: Green Common

Picture: Green Common

Sustainable and mindful living is the goal behind Green Common founder David Yeung. If you’ve not yet heard of this plant-based grocery store, you’re in for a treat. A one-stop-shop for all things vegetarian and vegan, Green Common offers meat-free alternatives to cooking, with a variety of tasty replacements for foods like dim sum, burgers and even steak. Now, what’s the best way to cook these innovative ingredients? Don’t fret, Green Common’s online platform features recipes from Eastern and Western cuisine with tips on how to cook them.

Chef: Richard Ekkebus

Richard Ekkebus
Richard Ekkebus

Dutch-born maestro Richard Ekkebus has made his mark on the Hong Kong dining scene for a while now. Holding the reigns at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental’s Amber, the chef has gained a cult following from his culinary expertise and masterful menus at the restaurant flagship. For a glimpse into his personal journeys and cooking inspirations, follow Richard’s Instagram for a peek into his life and his occasional sharing of recipes to cook at home.

TV Show: The Final Table

The Final Table

Many of us are familiar with the Netflix cooking show, The Final Table, a global cooking competition starring the best chefs from around the globe. So it’s no surprise to hear that Hong Kong cooks are amongst the most prestigious celebrity chefs in the line-up, and we couldn’t be prouder to say so. Chef Shane Osbourne is a featured contestant, head of Michelin-starred restaurant Arcane. For a bit of TV show bingeing, have a go with this dramatic culinary competition and support our local celebrity chefs.

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