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By Yannie Chan | August 9th, 2021

We’ve all been craving some cooling iced drinks under this unrelenting heat. Homeshake, a Hong Kong brand that’s all about the DIY cocktail experience, has launched the Tipsy Lemon Tea. The strong and citrus-y drink is inspired by the classic cha chaan teng beverage.

The cocktail “spirit” is developed by Homeshake, distilled from tea leaves for astringency and a sweet aftertaste. With an 8% alcohol content, it’s also rich in tea aroma and has a delicious balance of zest and sweetness.

Photo: Homeshake / Facebook

Other than serving straight from the bottle as a welcome drink or aperitif, Homeshake also recommends furthering mixing it with other alcoholic or carbonated drinks to create your own cocktail!

Make Tipsy Lemon Soda with Tipsy Lemon Tea (90ml ), soda water (180ml), and ice cubes or Tipsy Vodka with Tipsy Lemon Tea (150ml), vodka (30ml), and ice cubes. Read for more suggestions on the website!

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