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By The Loop HK Staff | January 26th, 2017

Here’s some CNY trivia! Each year corresponds with a different sign of the Chinese zodiac (i.e. 2017 is the Year of the Rooster). Every 12 years, when your animal sign (read: the animal that corresponds with your birth year) is the one to ring in the Lunar New Year, it’s said that you must be extra careful because of this strange Chinese mythological concept known as fan tai sui — or, roughly: offending the reigning deity. During the year, you’re supposed to be more susceptible to accidents and injuries, if you’re not careful.

According to feng shui specialist Peter So in his annual “Chinese Almanac”, one way to get out of harm’s way is to donate blood and get your teeth cleaned, which would somehow prevent you from shedding real blood. Anyway, point is: if you’re a rooster, WATCH yourself this year.

Three other animal signs will also fan tai sui with the poor rooster this year: the rabbit, the dog and the rat. The rest of the animals in the zodiac are fine – but everything is cyclical, and it’s just a matter of time before your animal ends up with some nasty luck!

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