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By Ashley Soo | November 18th, 2022

Hong Kong’s humid winter has always had a reputation for causing clogged pores, and the air pollution here is also not helping the cause. We believe no other skincare brands know better to deal with the issues resulted in the crazy weather condition here than the local ones. As summer finally melts away and the autumn-winter season slowly enters the scene, it is time we upgrade our daily rituals with these local skincare brands that respond to your needs.


Image: factiv

It is no exaggeration to name factiv as the local’s go-to solution to their skin problems. With a solid foundation in science, the homegrown label designs biomedical products that tackle conditions caused by the city’s humid weather, while educating users with constantly updating know-how articles that cover everything you should know about skincare and skincare products. Many of us also find factiv’s collaborative lines a great source to get exposed to other homegrown brands — we wouldn’t otherwise have found the amazing One Day fragrances if it’s not for the factiv Last & Lost handcream line! 

Where to find factiv: Shop 18, 5/F, Langham Place, Mong Kok; or online shop

Coconut Matter

Image: Coconut Matter

And if you have a different approach to skincare and are looking for clean beauty products that are cruelty-free, vegan, and support fair-trade, Coconut Matter ticks all those boxes while delivering skin and body care products that take care of your daily and seasonal needs. And you would have guessed — from lipsticks to repellents — all products from the COSMOS-standard-led label are designed with the base of the organic coconut oil sourced from the Soloman Islands, where a sustainable livelihood is supported thanks to Coconut Matter. 

Where to find Coconut Matter: Room B, 12th Floor, Block II, Kingley Industrial Building, 33 Yip Kan St, Wong Chuk Hang; or online shop

One Organic

Image: One Organic

Speaking of coconut oil, we must give credit to its versatility in both body care and food. The edible product is an effective skin, hair and body care treatment for you and your fuzzy friends, which also offers health benefits and an extra layer of aroma when added to beverages and food. One Organic is where you find coconut oil sugar and vinegar, as well as a variety of daily care products that range from toothpaste to virgin or refined coconut oil. 

Where to find One Organic: Shop 181, 2/F CKE Shopping Mall, 40 Nathan Road

Bathe to Basics

Bathe to Basics is another homegrown brand that follows the all-natural, eco-friendly approach to skin and body care. Started in 2011 with just a soap bar handmade purely with extra virgin olive oil, the label has grown exponentially over the years and is producing not only skincare products that serve all skin types, but also daily care goods such as deodorant and bug bite relief stick that are designed to serve the city’s needs today. 

Where to find Bathe to Basics: Various locations across Hong Kongonline shop

Soaper Delights

Image: Soaper Delights

In continuation of our love for locally made clean beauty products, we have arrived at Soaper Delights, a 2013-founded brand that aspires to promote a sustainable lifestyle. Starting with eco-friendly skincare products to upgrade your day and nighttime rituals, the fair-trade brand is also extending its reach to home and lifestyle products into household cleaning and reusable food carriers to help you build a greener city life.

Where to find Soaper Delights: Various locations across Hong Kong; online shop

Zero Yet 100

Image: Zero Yet 100

With a belief that “natural is better”, Zero Yet 100 is a homegrown brand that receives international fame with its climate-conscious, all-natural ranges. Besides its vegan and cruelty-free skincare, the brand is also known for its natural deodorant that tackles bacteria while improving texture and the tone of skin. 

Where to find Zero Yet 100: Various locations across Hong Kongonline shop


Image: Pretti5

As more Hong Kong hustlers incorporate Traditional Chinese Medicine into their self-care ritual, the beauty industry follows suit. Pretti5 is among the first in the industry to blend ingredients frequently used in TCM treatments into beauty. You can always expect its vegan and eco-conscious product ranges to be inspired by one or more TCM formulae and botanicals, such as the snow mushroom, the same one you find in some Cantonese sweet soups with the benefit of enhancing the skin’s elasticity, and goldflower root extract that promotes the antioxidant activity of the skin for a smoother appearance.

Where to find Pretti5: Various locations across Hong Kongonline shop

Mi Ming Mart

Image: Mi Ming Mart

And it is always good to explore outside of Hong Kong. Local select shop Mi Ming Mart is where fans of clean beauty discover new and trending brands outside of Hong Kong. Found basically in every corner of the city, the franchise makes sustainable beauty as accessible as it should be. 

Where to find Mi Ming Mart: Various locations across Hong Kongonline shop

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