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By Ashley Soo | October 5th, 2022
There are only too many reasons for one to fall in love with Asian cuisine — the layer of flavours, the variety — you name it. But we also understand that it takes years of practice and a certain level of skillsets to ace in making these meals at home, without disregarding the importance of a good mentor, preferably local to the culture, to guide us through the journey. In the age of social media, those who are interested in learning more about Asian cuisines but are unfamiliar with the culture, would find videos made by these following creators an easy introduction to preparing your very first Asian home-cooked meal.


Translating to “Dooby makes rice/ Dooby cooks” in Korean, Dooby, aka Tina, is one of best creators out there that teaches you how to prepare both traditional and modern Korean and pan-Asian meals at home. Some started watching her videos to learn how to cook and the rest for the aesthetics — and they all stayed for her wicked sense of humour. The Seoul-based Dooby also surprises her followers from time to time with vlogs and other long-form content that gives a little sneak peak of what it’s like being a young creative living alone.

The Korean Vegan

If you love Korean food and are vegan, The Korean Vegan is the channel that you are looking for. Promoting veganism in the most luring way possible, the creator updates food contents that cover from her North Korean grandma’s home recipes to her own plant-based take on traditional Korean dishes. The lawyer-turned-creator is also not shy to share her own life stories weaved together with the dishes that she makes, while giving her audience the “big sister advice” they never knew they needed.

Johnny Kyunghwo

To go beyond simply cooking the dishes and experiment with ingredients in their most organic forms is Johnny Kyunghwo. The influencer decides to make use of the produce in his own garden and infuse them into cheong, a type of syrup in Korea that is great for mixing into cocktails and seasonal beverages. On the side, the mix-raced creator also finds interest in experimenting with fermentation, another important technique Korean people use to develop doenjang (Korean soy bean paste) and other pastes that set the tone for the cuisine.

Cafe Maddy

But we get it, sometimes you just want an easy way out and make simple, quick dishes that instantly fills you full. If that’s what you are asking, Cafe Maddy will be there to answer. Living that life everyone envisions what living alone would be, the creator never fails to make the most use of one TikTok/YouTube Shorts video to show her audience a quick way to cook traditional or Korean-inspired dishes while dropping a little bit of history and custom here and there.

Made With Lau

And how can we not touch on Chinese food? Made With Lau is a YouTube channel started by a father-son duo, with the father, a Chinese chef of 50+ years experience, that teaches its fan base all the Chinese dishes locals love. Not only that, the pair also goes extensively to explain Chinese cooking concepts that are unfamiliar to non-Chinese people, such as wok-hei (the chi of wok), as well as other health benefits of their dishes according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Follow every step closely in Made With Lau’s videos and there is no way your Chinese cooking is bad.


Tiffycooks, on the other hand, would be the most budget- and time-friendly. Understanding the need of her city-based followers who constant work around a tigh schedule, the food blogger translates Chinese home meals to easy recipes that can be done under a quarter of an hour. Check out Tiffycooks if you are looking for some delicious meal preps ideas that are not salad or sandwiches.

Gaming Foodie

And if you always have an appetite for Vietnamese cuisine, Gaming Foodie will be the channel that makes you salivate. Besides the wholesome interactions with her babies, one will always appreciate the variety of Vietnamese food she cooks: pho, spring rolls, stir-fries, to name a few. Foodies familiar with Korean cuisine won’t find it hard to spot some Korean dishes in her videos!


It is common knowledge that there will always be room for desserts no matter how full you are. Audreysaurus would be where you find Asian-inspired dessert ideas. “Why the Asian influence?” Some might ask. Besides a high standard in food, Asians are also notorious for their no-so-sweet-tooth that often find desserts “too sweet”. The content creator infuses Asian flavours such as matcha into sweet treats, adding an extra layer of flavour to the traditional recipe while making the perfect modification that adapts to the Asian palate.
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