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By Michelle Chan | November 23rd, 2023

Simmering lamb stew served with a side of fermented bean curd paste, there is nothing more iconic than this in the Hong Kong winter collective memory archive. As the weather is beginning to feel puffer jacket-warranting, why not check out our list of best lamb stews you can have right here in Hong Kong and a bit further in Shenzhen? If you ask us, we’d love to savor this hearty dish all season long.


One of Mong Kok’s most renowned Cantonese restaurants, 金玉滿堂 fills its interior with the tantalizing smell of lamb stew especially during the colder months. With fresh grass-fed lamb as the main ingredient, this dish lures you in with crisp and chewy lamb skins, tender and juicy meat, as well as a thick and palatable soup base perfect to enjoy with a spoonful of rice.

(Photo: kyutake)

Shop 14-14A, G/F, Wah Sun Building, 6-20 Yin Chong Street, Mong Kok

Ban Heung Lau (品香樓中西風味餐廳)

With decades of culinary expertise under its belt, Ban Heung Lau continues to treat patrons with Cantonese dishes of unchanging quality. If you prefer a more watery soup base for your lamb stew, this is where you go. But don’t worry, the lamb, water chestnut and dried bean curd sheets will be as well immersed in flavors as you’d expect.

(Photo: Foodie 生活雜誌)

Shop 204-205 & 210-213, Podium, Nam Shan Shopping Centre, Nam Shan Estate, Shek Kip Mei


修哥順德人 specializes in Shunde cuisine and stir-fried dishes rich in wok hei (the aroma of wok) from neighboring regions. In winter, don’t miss your chance to have a taste of the lamb stew — combining authentic cooking techniques and fresh lamb pieces, 修哥順德人’s rendition not only sways the tastebuds but also the olfactory glands.

(Photo: Daniel Lam)

G/F, 61-63 Woosung Street, Yau Ma Tei


Do you see the pot filled to the brim with braised lamb? That’s part of why 文記燒臘飯店 is regarded as a must-try lamb stew specialist. By forgoing water chestnuts, the lamb gravy is not diluted by extra moisture, resulting in a heavy-bodied base that injects intense flavors into the meat, greens and dried bean curd sheets.

(Photo: Chai Lawrence)

G/F, 1A Reclamation Street, Jordan

Tao Yuen Hotpot Restaurant (淘園火鍋刺身館)

At Tao Yuen Hotpot Restaurant, you can enjoy lamb stew in two ways at one sitting: you start with the regular pot and fill your stomach with tender lamb pieces. Once there’s enough room for other ingredients, you add broth and treat the dish like a hot pot. A hot pot with a much more complex taste profile than the ones you’re used to, of course.

(Photo: Carman Mok)

G/F, Justen Centre, 46-52 Wai Ching Street, Jordan


小煵记·深圳本地菜 has been mastering Cantonese delicacies for 30 years. Its iteration of lamb stew, though different than the ones we know and love in Hong Kong, captures patrons with a lighter stock seasoned by onions alongside the inclusion of sliced lamb stomach.

(Photo: Dianping)

101B, 1/F, International Bank of Commerce Building, 19 Haixiu Road, Baoan District, Shenzhen (深圳市宝安区海秀路19号国际西岸商务大厦1樓101B)


Located at the popular night market district of Shuiwei (水围), 膳栈港式打边炉 is where Shenzhen locals go to when they’re craving a Hong Kong-style meal. Depending on your preference, choose between braised lamb stew or the classic lamb stew with water chestnuts and fermented bean curd paste on the side.

(Photo: Dianping)

1/F, Buildings 241 & 251, Shuiwei Chun, Futian District, Shenzhen (深圳市福田区水围村241栋一楼,251栋一楼)


Alright, we know. 毛记海南东山羊X靓靓 champions Dong Shan goats hailing from the Hainan Province. But the cooking methods they adopt are identical to how we make lamb stew at home. This is also a golden opportunity to taste for yourself what it’s like to enjoy this iconic winter staple without the distinctive lamb smell.

(Photo: Dianping)

21 Fumin Road, Futian District, Shenzhen (深圳市福田区福民路21号)

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