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By Shimron Singh | July 10th, 2023

In this week’s Hot Seat, we had the pleasure of interviewing Joseph Tsang, the visionary behind Yutakana Seikatsu. Joseph’s journey is a testament to his passion for promoting mindfulness and empowering individuals to achieve long-term health goals. His unique blend of ancient health wisdom and modern natural medicine technology has been a game-changer in the wellness industry. In this Q&A, we delve deeper into Joseph’s philosophy and learn about his latest venture, the Yutakana Seikatsu Mindfulness Academy. Join us as we explore Joseph’s inspirational story and gain insights into the world of mindfulness and wellness.

What inspired you to start Yutakana Seikatsu, and how did you get interested in mindfulness?

“Before starting Yutakana Seikatsu, I was a very career-minded person. All I cared about was how much I earned/ annum, what position I could achieve within the corporation, and what in return I could receive from my contributions.

Back then in May 2020 (Near Mother’s Day), life challenged me – my wife was diagnosed with a 7 cm brain tumor. I was in complete shock. I remembered I was still in a meeting in one of L’Oreal’s conference rooms as I was a Commercial Director of their hair division. My wife called and she said she needed to meet the brain specialist at the hospital. My mind went blank. All of my so-called ‘priorities’ became not as important all of a sudden. At that moment, I wanted nothing but to get my wife back. 

Our family was blessed and we met a great doctor, the surgery turned out to go smoothly. However, as the surgery was in the brain, my wife had serious anxiety before the surgery and she could barely sleep at night. As a husband, for sure I could not sleep either. Then I started to do a lot of research on how to improve sleep quality, read lots of books, and that was where I first learned about mindfulness. We learned meditation on YouTube and different apps. We spent 10 minutes meditating every day, and surprisingly it improved our situation a lot! There was a phrase saying ‘Everyone has a healer within, and it takes enough calm and self-love to unleash it’. And that’s where I started getting interested in mindfulness.”

How has your experience working in multinational companies like L’Oreal and The Dairy Farm Group influenced your approach to entrepreneurship and building a healthcare brand?

“I have been working in the healthcare and beauty care industry for more than 15 years. Every person, mentor, experience, and failure brought us to where we are today. I believe entrepreneurship is always about how to make our team members shine and unleash one’s true potential and things will develop in the right direction. We are quite ‘mindful’ in running our business in a way.”

Yutakana Seikatsu incorporates ancient wellness wisdom and modern naturopathic medicine. Can you tell us more about how you blend these two approaches to create a unique brand and promote overall wellness?

“Yutakana Seikatsu incorporates ancient wellness wisdom which is the chakra system and our Japan-made, all-natural health products. Chakra System is a system within our body and was developed back in 1500-500 BC. There are little chakra icons on our products and they are associated with different chakras. Only when the energy of our chakra inside our body is balanced, can we stay optimally healthy.

For example, The second chakra, also known as the Sacral Chakra, is located in the area of the reproductive organs, about three inches below the belly button. Our Sacral Chakra is the center of our passion, sensation, feelings, emotions, pleasure, intimacy, connections, movement, and change. Sacral’s element is water. The water element is in charge of the flow of the water in our body, including maintaining elasticity in our skin and reducing wrinkles and fine lines on our body. Water can achieve amazing things on our skin for our overall health. Our natural health product “Skin Rebound” is associated with this chakra.

The third chakra, also known as the Solar Plexus Chakra, is located in the upper abdomen approximately two inches above the navel, just below the rib cage. The Solar Plexus’s element is fire. It is responsible for self-esteem, boundaries, and willpower. This chakra is in charge of our digestive efficiency and the elimination of waste and toxins in the body. Our natural health product “Fat Loss X B3 Probiotics” is associated with this chakra.

The sixth chakra, also known as the Third-Eye Chakra, is located in between our eyebrows. Behind this spot, deep in the brain, is the pineal gland, which produces melatonin to help us to fall asleep at night. The Third Eye’s element is light. The chakra is the energetic seat of inner wisdom and higher consciousness in the body. Herein is the answer to all our questions. We no longer have to seek wisdom outside of ourselves but can find it from our existence and experience. Our natural health product “Detox X Deep Sleep” is associated with this chakra.”

How did you identify the need for YSMA’s Mindfulness-based Sleep Aid Programme, and what kind of impact do you hope it will have on the community?

“There are a lot of people in Hong Kong suffering from different sleep problems and our purpose is to help them achieve better sleep, better rest, and better health! So anyone who is suffering from sleep problems is more than welcome to come to us. We decided to charge a very reasonable price to cover our cost because we want to build this up as our community service and contribute to society. Yutakana Seikatsu will also support the project as a sponsor.”

Hong Kong is a city known for its fast-paced lifestyle and work culture. How do you see Yutakana Seikatsu contributing to a larger conversation about the importance of mindfulness and self-care in this context, and what are your plans for the future growth of the brand?

“Mindfulness is a lifestyle. Everyone should be mindful not only of their health, but also of their mind, and their heart. Following the heart is very important. Yutakana Seikatsu plays a role in bringing mindfulness to the general public from 0 to 1. So everyone can live healthier and happier!

We have the ambition to be the No. 1 mindfulness healthcare brand in Hong Kong.”

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