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By Michelle Chan | February 12th, 2023

In the name of the moon, slaayyyy.

When we were mere younglings first laying eyes upon animated magical girl series, our world lit up with so many colorful styling options such as clip-on extensions, glittered mesh princess gowns and — don’t we all miss those — translucent block heel slippers. Then puberty hit us with angst and repulsion to anything remotely sparkly and pink.

Years later we’re finally at an age where our wallet and self-confidence are replenished enough to resume our pursuit of a glamorous magical girl wardrobe. You know what, Jimmy Choo has got our back with a Sailor Moon collaboration this Valentine’s Day.

Drawing direct inspiration from the signature ensembles of the characters, this collection headlines five shoe models worn by the five main Sailor Soldiers, each sporting striking colorways and some bedazzled.

jimmy choo sailor moon collection

Of course, the 30th anniversary of such an iconic, immortal show calls for a way more extensive collection. Outside of the core pieces, look forward to five more pairs of shoes (including sneakers for those who prioritize both comfort and style!), a roster of leather bags and accessories, plus a dainty metal key ring.

Check out the Sailor Moon collection’s official release on February 15, 8am HKT on Jimmy Choo’s website here.

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