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By Shimron Singh | May 8th, 2023

Are you an international citizen currently living in Hong Kong? Then you’re part of a community of over 6 million international individual customers in Hong Kong, according to a recent study by HSBC. The study found that international citizens on average take around eight months to feel settled when they relocate abroad, with a quarter of respondents needing over a year to adjust to their new environment.

However, the study also found that international citizens who moved to Hong Kong with children felt a greater sense of belonging compared to those who moved alone. Most of those traveling with children agreed they felt supported by the government and local community during the settling process, with one of the highest percentages seen among all nine surveyed markets. This suggests that Hong Kong is a welcoming place for families and can be a great place to call home.

The study also revealed that 81% of international citizens in Hong Kong plan to invest locally, with 68% interested in making long-term investments such as property. This is a promising sign for the local economy and shows that international citizens are keen to commit to Hong Kong long-term.

To help international citizens settle into their new homes more quickly, HSBC has launched “Unforeign Exchange”, an online community that offers comprehensive support beyond financial services. The community provides local insights and real-life experiences contributed by international experts, HSBC staff, and selected influencers from over 40 countries and regions. This can be a great resource for international citizens looking to connect with others, experience local culture, and make financial investments in their new homes.

If you’re an international citizen in Hong Kong, the study findings show that you’re not alone in your experience of adjusting to a new environment. But with the support of the local community and resources like “Unforeign Exchange”, you can start feeling at home in Hong Kong more quickly.

Featured Image by Manson Yim