The Best Of Hong Kong
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By Karen Chiang | November 25th, 2020

One of the great things that has fortunately come from Covid-19 seems to be the rise of home chefs and small brands selling homemade treats. We’ve rounded up some of the best and most interesting cakes, cookies and baked goods for you to enjoy at home, or to share at the office!

Bossie Bakery

Only recently arrived on the scene, Bossie Bakery is a destination for scones and baked surprises. Only available for batch pre-orders, you can watch their page for both savory and sweet treats, in particular the Triple Chocolate made with cocoa, Belgian chocolate and white chocolate. These can easily be reheated in the oven, microwave or air fryer to enjoy too.


Dough by Design

Like Hypebeast for the sweet-toothed, Dough by Design has managed to form lines outside Fat Chad’s on Sundays for a taste of their fluffy, buttery donuts. To order, you’ll have to be a lucky winner on their weekly raffle on Instagram. Every week, they will also announce the flavor roaster ranging from classic glazed to seasonal Ferrero Rocher Ganache.


Grandma’s Scones

It’s not easy to find good scones in Hong Kong, but Grandma’s here to solve that problem. Apart from crowd favorites like the original maple flavor and cinnamon apple, you can also choose from a bunch of fun and experimental options like rum raisin, blueberry cream cheese, and taro. Reheat and home and enjoy with clotted cream and their homemade strawberry rhubarb jam!


La Viña

Inspired by the original recipe from La Viña in San Sebastian, the namesake bakery in Hong Kong by Cupping Room has one of the best basque burnt cheesecakes in town. Apart from the traditional flavor, you can also choose from chocolate & rum and earl grey infused, as well as a variety of loaf cakes and danishes.


Veggie Bums

Vegan friends, rejoice! You too can join in on the instagrammable cookie fun. Veggiebum specializes in egg- and dairy-free cookies, made from plant-based ingredients into flavors like chocolate chip, triple hazelnut chocolate and matcha pecan.



Have your donut and eat it too with Ms Donutt, kind of. They make over 22 kinds of donuts, all non-fried and without any preservatives. Their texture is more similar to pound cake, but makes up for the lack of crisp with variety in flavors. They also do bagels that have no sugar or oil!


Shall Make Cake

Although cake is in the name, tarts seem to be the game at Shallmakecake. Their colorful mini and full-sized tarts come in a myriad of flavors ranging from decadent ones like caramel banana, chocolate mochi and earl grey mochi, to fruity ones like apple, lemon and mango. You can also order 6″ large tarts as an alternative to conventional cakes!



Fan of Portuguese tarts? Then you’ll probably love this flakey version too. Sohass.hk has a “thousand layers” Portuguese tart that’s perfect for a pick-me-up to share at the office. Or you can choose from their other creations like half-baked cheese tart, molten chocolate tart, or other frozen desserts to stash up at home.


Taro Daily

There are taro balls in every dessert shop menu in Hong Kong, and we can understand the craze for this chewy, delicious treat. Taro Daily is a shop dedicated to taro, making fresh taro balls to enjoy at home, as well as other taro-based desserts. An interesting one to try will be their stuffed ginger red sugar taro balls, perfect for the cooler weather ahead.


Thic Cookies

One of the rising stars in homemade cookie businesses, Thic Cookies are known for, well, their thickness! Choose from classics like chocolate chip and double chocolate, or get experimental with Lux flavors like “marshymellow” or “Nutella filled”. If you’re in the mood for a bigger cookie, they also have a half-kilo cookie that is brownie filled. For those who want something extra thick and gooey, you can go for their cookie bar or cookie cups instead.


Twenty One Bakery

The images alone can give you a calming feeling, transporting you to a lazy Sunday afternoon at home. Twenty One Bakery specializes in French fruit tarts and cakes, its name inspired by the romantic myth that our souls weigh exactly 21 grams. You can pre-order a week ahead, and enjoy the tart with a cosy cup of tea at home.


Twinkie Cookies

You can’t have too many cookies, so we’re throwing in another cookie bakery for you to mix it up! Twinkle Cookies is known for their signature lava mochi cookies with a stretchy, soft centre — especially great with flavors like Mozzarella. They also have cookie sandwiches with cream cheese filling, and mochi pound cakes which you can customize.