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By The Loop HK Staff | June 22nd, 2018

If you’ve been single any time in the last few years, chances are you’ve tried a dating app. And then given up, after a series of disappointing encounters. Location-based dating apps may have changed the way we date, but few have done so as thoughtfully – or with as much chance for success – as The Inner Circle.

At first glance, the app may seem elitist. To join The Inner Circle, you have to apply and be screened by a team that scours Facebook and LinkedIn to ensure only compatible candidates are approved. It may seem excessive, but the result is a well-curated network of like-minded, eligible young professionals. Meaning you’re infinitely more likely to score a date with someone you’re actually interested in.


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The Inner Circle is very much about quality over quantity. Through its rigorous screening processes, the app aims to introduce you to people with similar interests and backgrounds, giving you a statistically higher chance to create meaningful connections and relationships.

But that’s not to say you won’t find variety on here. Yes, there are high-flying bankers and lawyers – this is Hong Kong, after all. But you’ll also come across teachers, students, nurses, and a whole range of people from different professional backgrounds. The best part? Inner Circle’s Profiles give you real insight into potential dates by showing things like their favorite cities and hang-out spots, and what they like to do in their spare time.

Going one step further, The Inner Circle also takes dating offline. The app hosts monthly events in the cities it operates in, giving users the chance to make personal connections in the real world. It could be a rooftop party at London’s The Century Club or a sophisticated cocktail night at New York’s Chrystie’s – either way, this dating app gives you the best chance to meet your match both online and offline.

Love may be a battlefield, but The Inner Circle gives you a fighting chance – sign up for free today!


Written by The Loop HK for The Inner Circle.


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