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By Yannie Chan | March 8th, 2021

IKEA has recently launched the “Recycle for Rewards” campaign to promote the recycling of PET1 plastics, cartons and aluminium cans. The brand has set up “reverse vending machines” at its four stores in Hong Kong (Causeway Bay, Kowloon Bay, Sha Tin, and Tsuen Wan).

Image courtesy of IKEA Hong Kong

Simply put in recyclables such as plastics and aluminium cans to their corresponding vending machines. For every piece of recyclable you put into the machine, 10 cents will be rewarded to your Octopus card.

The machines are installed near the exit of each stores, and are available for everyone to use. Each Octopus card can receive maximum HK$2 per day. Plastic bottles, beverage cartons and aluminium cans should be rinsed thoroughly prior to recycling.

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