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By Lulu Jeh | September 1st, 2021

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Dear Lulu Jeh,

I’m a personal trainer by profession and with the gyms up and running in Hong Kong again, business has never been better. Recently, I took on a client around my age and he’s just the cutest thing ever. Like, ever. I am usually quite professional when it comes to… well, maintaining strictly professional relationships — but this particular temptation is proving extremely difficult to resist. Should I make a move and risk losing him as a client? I have not received any signs of interest from him, but I also haven’t given any indication that I’m interested either. – Lost in Love

Dear LiL,

The power dynamics seem quite equal in this situation, as in: you are not his boss, so ethically speaking I don’t see any problems. I’m not sure what arrangement you’ve got going currently, but if you don’t cross any lines during the sessions you have with your client, and make your move outside of those business-designated hours, then I don’t see any harm. This means approaching him after a session has already ended, or if possible, after he’s finished an entire package or course with you, with the option to renew (or not). You mentioned gyms, so I assume you are both in a public-enough setting when those sessions are in session.

If you give your client as much room to wriggle out of a potentially awkward situation as possible, are careful not to pressure him in any way, and you have the courage to do it, go for it. Just be prepared for the consequences.