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By Michelle Chan | November 7th, 2023

Let your Greater Bay Area wanderlust lead you further up north to the riverside city of Huizhou, where travelers get lost in the beauty of emerald mountain ranges, topaz lakes and the togetherness with nature. If a countryside treat sounds like a perfect trip, read on for some itinerary inspo!

Where to visit



Haiguiwan, better known as the Turtle Island, is the only spot turtles come and lay their eggs in mainland China. During the months of June to October each year, tourists flock to this wetland destination to witness the circle of life from a respectful distance, while basking in the peaceful ambience of the blue sky and white clouds. Enrich your journey with an educational undertone by visiting the nearby turtle museum, where you get to learn about the maritime ecosystem through taxidermies and seashell collections.

Huidong, Huizhou, Guangdong Province

Honghua Lake Water Park

What’s a trip to a river town such as Huizhou without a detour to the water park? An iconic local landmark, Honghua Lake Water Park offers the thrill of manmade attractions along with a 360-degree backdrop of the countryside, outdoing the “infinity pool” notion by leagues. Whether you’re looking to get a few laps in for your health tracker, or hoping to spend an excruciating day with little ones, make sure to give the water park a visit.

96 Honghuahu Road, Huicheng District, Huizhou, Guangdong Province

Mount Luofu

Mount Luofu is no stranger to those who dapple in classic Chinese literature — from Su Shi to Li Bai, legendary poets from different dynasties all marveled at the grandeur of this sacred Taoist mountain in their works. Think mountain sceneries are more or less the same? This national landmark’s various springs, waterfalls, ponds, caves, temples and forests is an ever-changing canvas throughout the seasons, mesmerizing with its mystical, ethereal charm.

Luofu Mountain National Scenic Spot, Boluo County, Huizhou. Guangdong Province

Nankunshan Ecological Tourism Zone

Photo: HZ News

Come to the Nankunshan Ecological Tourism Zone, and we promise you’ll fantasize about a life away from the city, surrounded by green pastures as far as the eyes can see. Renowned as the Oasis of the Northern Hemisphere, Nankunshan is populated with majestic waterbodies that inspired folklore such as how the seven daughters of a goddess were so enthralled by the view of the lake that they almost refused to return to Paradise. Maybe your visit here will end on a similar note too.

Longmen County, Huizhou, Guangdong Province

Where to stay

BOYU Xiaojingwan Seaview Apartment

Serviced apartments with an uninterrupted sea view is quite the definition of luxury, and you can enjoy it all in the BOYU Xiaojingwan Seaview Apartment. Arguably your better home away from home, this establishment offers rooms of the suite, family home and duplex varieties, with each full-length window leading to a balcony with glass railings for maximum sunlight. Equipped with a full-sized kitchen, there’s no stopping you from making and enjoying a homecooked meal by the sunset.

8 Guanhaixuan, Huarun Xiaojingwan, Huiyang District, Huizhou, Guangdong Province

Le Méridien Xiaojing Bay

It’s an absolute blessing to get to do nothing during a vacation. Make sure all your needs, no matter how trivial or extravagant, are attentively taken care of at Le Méridien Xiaojing Bay, a beachside hotel with its own spa, swimming pools and — you guessed it — beach access. Look and feel effortless on your daily venture throughout the resort, then head back to your contemporary luxe suite for a tranquillizing combo of Daya Bay scenery and a good night’s sleep.

1 Xiaojing Bay, Xiachong, Daya Bay, Huizhou, Guangdong Province

Pullman Huizhou Kaisa

For those whose hearts belong to the city, check into Pullman Huizhou Kaisa and stay right in the Central Business District. No matter you’re here for business or for pleasure, this hotel merges convenience and refinement to present an impeccable day-to-day routine: need a bite? Head to the two restaurants and lobby bar for your fix. Need a work out that’s mostly comfortable? The heated indoor pool is just what you need. Stay for your next trip to discover even more perks.

Kaisa Center, 11 Huizhou Avenue, Hui Cheng District, Huizhou, Guangdong Province

Sheraton Bailuhu Resort Huizhou

We’d normally show you a picture of what the main living area of the suite looks like, but look at this view and bathtub placement: need we say more? With a tagline telling you to “live the vacation life”, this waterfront resort is all about the breakfasts in bed at 11am (oops), the lazy sunbathing sessions by the pool, the walks to the hotel water park with only a soft robe over your bathing suit, and other little care-free moments that make you think, “Man, I hope this never ends.”

1 Yajule Avenue, Ruhu Town, Huicheng District, Huizhou, Guangdong Province

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