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By Andrea Lo | March 16th, 2020

Yes, they are still happening. Here is how you can keep up to date on the latest:


Check HK Map Live

Hong Kong Protest

HK Maps Live is a digital map presenting live information on protest-related happenings around town. Available in traditional Chinese, it indicates where law enforcement vehicles and riot police are stationed via emojis. The main ones you need to know? A police car emoji is self-explanatory, whereas puppy emojis refer to police presence. 


Read and watch the news 

It goes without saying that you’ll get the latest happenings via news outlets, especially via app alerts. Some good resources in Hong Kong to find out what’s taking place on the streets: Apple Daily (subscription required), RTHK and SCMP. 


Follow reporters and news commentators on Twitter

Journalists love Twitter, and some of the hardest working folks in the game are reporting from the streets via live updates from their profiles. Explore the #HongKongProtests and #AntiELAB hashtags. Although there’s a risk of fake news running amok, as long as you follow legitimate news outlets and verified reporters and commentators, you should be getting the real deal.

For protest updates, here are some great journalists to follow: @EricCheungwc, @jgriffiths, @stegersaurus, @IlariaMariaSala and @JeromeTaylor


Get on Telegram 

Hong Kong Protest

Telegram has proved to be an important resource for protesters in discussions surrounding upcoming demonstrations. There are talks surrounding logistics in upcoming protests as well as live information — including photos — of protests as they unfold. Check out The Real Hongkonger and Frontline Live.


Download transport apps 

The city’s transportation system often experiences disruptions or closures in relation to the protests. Not only is it useful in general to find out the availability of transport links, it also usually gives a good indication of where protests are taking place. CityMapper and the MTR app offer updated information on route changes and closures.